HyperJar review – is it the best prepaid debit card?

7 min Read Published: 05 Apr 2024

HyperJar review

In this review, we take a look at HyperJar, a prepaid debit card and money app that allows both children and adults to budget, save and spend. We look at how HyperJar compares to some of its competitors for managing your money as well as provide a comparison to some other children's pocket money apps such as GoHenry* and NatWest Rooster Money*. We also look at how HyperJar has joined the likes of Chase and American Express with its new cashback on everyday spending offering. We recommend that you read the review in full, however, you can jump to specific parts using the following links:

What is HyperJar?

HyperJar is a prepaid debit card and money app that can be downloaded and used by both adults and children. The adult account allows you to create jars for specific spending such as food, holidays or days out while the children's account allows younger users to manage their own money by learning to budget, save and spend responsibly. HyperJar was founded in 2016 and launched its digital wallet in 2020. Since then it has amassed over half a million customers with over 100,000 kid cardholders.

HyperJar Limited is a registered Electronic Money Distributor (EMD) of Modulr FS Limited which is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) as an e-money institution. As a registered e-money institution, money held in HyperJar is not protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, however, Modulr says it ensures that "100% of the funds we receive in exchange for e-money are safeguarded on receipt, meaning that these are segregated from all other funds that we hold and they cannot be used for any other purposes".

HyperJar key features

  • No monthly fees - HyperJar is completely free to download via the Apple App store Store and Google Play. It is completely free to use, meaning you don't have to sign up for a monthly subscription. More information on the HyperJar fees can be found further down in this article.
  • Fee-free spending abroad - If you wish to take HyperJar on holiday you can benefit from no additional overseas fees while abroad.
  • Jars for spending and saving - Money stored in 'digital jam jars' with HyperJar can be used to help you budget by saving parts of your money in each jar. You can then use your HyperJar prepaid debit card to spend directly from the jar.
  • Rewards - Get tailored rewards and discounts with certain brands. Some brands even offer an Annual Growth Rate (AGR) percentage meaning if your money is left in the Jar for 12 months you get a guaranteed return on your money.
  • Split the bill - You can share a Jar with other users to top up the Jar or split bills. All users must have the HyperJar app.
  • Freeze/Unfreeze your card - It's possible to freeze/unfreeze your card in-app if it is lost or stolen.
  • Control your spending - Block spending at specific merchants with HyperJar's Only or Never list which means you can restrict spending from your Jars to only specific merchants or stop spending altogether.
  • Separate child's card - An unlimited number of children can be paired to the adult account and each child will receive a separate card which they can use to spend. Children can also view their account via the HyperJar app.
  • Cashback gift cards - Get up to 20% instant cashback with HyperJar cashback gift cards on a number of well-known brands.
  • Cashback on spending offer - Earn up to 2% cashback until 31st October (maximum of £200 cashback per month), for new customers who download the app, set up a full account and spend at least once with their Hyperjar card on or before 31st May 2024. More information on this limited time offer can be found on the Hyperjar website.

How does HyperJar work?

HyperJar is a prepaid debit Mastercard that can be used to budget, spend or save money. HyperJar is for both adults and children but there is only one app controlled by a parent account. The parents can link an unlimited number of children's cards to their HyperJar account and can then track their child's spending within the app. HyperJar is free to download and use both in the UK and abroad and the Jars allow you to budget effectively by separating your income into pots, known by HyperJar as 'Jars'. Users can also benefit from exclusive rewards with set retailers but some of the benefits can only be claimed if you spend exclusively at that retailer. You can see all of the rewards on offer within the 'Shop' section of your HyperJar app.

How to set up a HyperJar account

HyperJar is easy to set up and you can do so by downloading the HyperJar app via the Apple App Store or Google Play. You need to be a UK resident in order to open an account and must be at least 16 years of age. A child's HyperJar account can be used by children as young as 6, but it is linked to a parent's HyperJar account.

How much does HyperJar cost?

HyperJar is free to download and use and your first pre-paid card will be sent to you free of charge. You will only be charged £4.99 for shipping and handling fees if you lose your card and require a replacement. You will be charged £4.99 for each kids card you request. Additionally, if you need to recall a bank transfer you will be charged £25.

HyperJar account limits

The following table shows the limits on a HyperJar account.

Transaction Type Limit Amount
Minimum top-up £10^
Maximum daily top-up £5,000
Maximum daily top-up 3rd party £2,500
Maximum daily spend £5,000
Maximum funds transfer to another user £5,000
Maximum account balance £10,000

^ 1 free load of under £10 per month, 50p fee each time thereafter.

Is HyperJar a bank?

HyperJar is a prepaid card which means that it is not a UK bank account and money held with HyperJar is held as e-money. This means that your money is not FSCS protected should it go bust, however, HyperJar assures customers their funds are protected on its website, stating "We keep your funds in a safeguarded account that is governed by the e-money regulations of the Financial Conduct Authority."

Is HyperJar safe?

HyperJar uses bank-grade technology to protect your personal details with 256-bit encryption. If your phone becomes lost you can quickly contact HyperJar customer services who will lock the app for you. Additionally, if you lose your HyperJar card you can freeze the card in-app until you find it again or while you wait for your replacement card to arrive.

Can HyperJar be used abroad?

It is free to use your card to spend abroad at any location that accepts a Mastercard. This means that you won't be charged any additional fees for currency conversion and transactions using the Mastercard exchange rate. You will need to transfer all of the money you need for your trip before you travel and turn on the 'Spend Abroad' toggle within the app.

It is worth noting, however, that you are unable to withdraw cash at ATMs either abroad or in the UK and so HyperJar may therefore not be the best option if this is something you are hoping to do.

HyperJar customer reviews

HyperJar has 4.7 out of 5 stars on independent consumer review website Trustpilot from over 1,400 reviews. 87% of reviewers have rated it as 5 stars with only 6% of reviewers rating it as 1 star. Those who rated it as 5 stars commented on how easy the app was to use and how the children enjoyed using the card and app. Others have also commented on great customer service when contacting HyperJar with queries or problems with the app. However, there are some negative reviews with some reviewers commenting on problems with registering an account and missing transactions.

HyperJar pros and cons

HyperJar pros

  • Free to download with no monthly subscription fees
  • Free to spend abroad
  • Control spending and block certain payments
  • Spend directly from budget Jars

HyperJar cons

  • No FSCS protection
  • Unable to earn interest on savings
  • Unable to withdraw cash
  • Have to turn on the ‘Spend abroad’ setting within your app before you travel

Alternatives to HyperJar

In the following table, we compare HyperJar to alternative children's pocket money accounts. For more information on the accounts read our article, 'Best pocket money apps in the UK'.

HyperJar GoHenry* NatWest Rooster Money* Starling Kite* Revolut <18 Nimbl Osper 
Cost Free £3.99/month for Everyday or £5.99/month for Plus (30-day free trial^) £19.99 a year or £1.99 a month (1 month free) Free Free/£3.99/£7.99/£14.99/£45 £2.49 a month / £28 a year £2.50 per month (30 days free)
Prepaid debit card  tick tick tick tick tick tick tick
Free loads  tick 1 free load a month (50p thereafter) 10 free loads a month (50p thereafter) tick tick tick
50p for instant loads
Savings goals  tick tick tick tick tick tick
Fee-free spending in the UK tick tick 15 free spends a day and 25 free spends a week (£0.50 per spend thereafter) tick ATM withdrawals free up to £40 (2% thereafter) tick tick
Fee-free spending abroad  tick tick 3% spending transaction fee over £50 per month tick ATM withdrawals free up to £40 (2% thereafter)

Spending abroad free up to £250 per month

£1.50 per ATM withdrawal
2.95% of spending  transaction value
£2 per ATM withdrawal
3% of spending transaction value
Set tasks/chores  tick tick tick 

^You currently get 2 months free when using the Money to the Masses link


Overall, HyperJar is a great option if you would like to give your children the chance to manage their own money as the card is easily linked to the parent account and you are able to keep an eye on your child's spending. Additionally, HyperJar cards can be used on holiday, with fee-free spending abroad, although you do need to ensure you top up the account before travelling and turn on 'Spend Abroad' within the app.

One of the main drawbacks of the HyperJar account, however, is that you are unable to withdraw cash both in the UK and abroad, however, HyperJar does say this is one of the features that keeps it free to use. If you're thinking of using HyperJar as a pocket money app for your children you can see how it compares to other accounts in our article, 'Best pocket money apps in the UK'. If you are intrigued by how HyperJar can be used as a budgeting tool, you can see how it compares to other apps and banks in our articles, 'Best budgeting apps in the UK' and 'Best app-only banks in the UK'.



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