RoosterMoney pocket money app review

20 min Read Published: 19 May 2022

Rooster Money review

RoosterMoney* launched in 2016 with the mission to 'educate, motivate and empower' children financially. RoosterMoney is a pocket money app that allows both children and parents to manage pocket money from the same account.

RoosterMoney has a variety of tools for children of all ages, ranging from 3 - 17 years old, so children can start to learn about money from a young age. This article reviews the pocket money app RoosterMoney explaining how it works, how much it costs, and how it compares to other pocket money apps such as GoHenry and Osper.

RoosterMoney key features

  • Smartphone app - Parents and children can access the RoosterMoney app from a smartphone device to keep track of pocket money at all times
  • Star Chart - Reward children for good behaviour from the age of 3 with the virtual star chart
  • Set Goals - Set Goals that children can work towards and track their achievements
  • Virtual Money Tracker - Track your child's money and spending habits virtually without real money
  • Pots to manage money - Children can set aside money with the 'Spend', 'Save', and 'Give' pots
  • Budgeting tools - Children can gain a better understanding of money with the budgeting and saving tools
  • Set and manage chores - Set chores and reward your children with an allowance or stars for completing tasks (subscription required)
  • Visa prepaid debit card - The Rooster Card, a contactless prepaid visa debit card, allows your child to spend their allowance online and in shops (subscription required)
  • Multiple parents/guardians - More than one parent/guardian can be added to the app (there is a 2 parent limit for the free account)
  • Set recurrent payments - Allow your child to pay you regularly - e.g. for a magazine subscription - from their allowance (subscription required)

How does RoosterMoney work?

RoosterMoney* is a pocket money app that allows you to teach your children about money and give them financial independence whilst still having control over their finances.

Setting up an account is easy, you just need to provide your full name, an email address, and then create a password. You will be asked how your children refer to you - e.g. mum or dad - and which country and currency you would like to use on the app. You will then be asked which aspect of RoosterMoney you are most interested in - e.g. the Star Chart or the Rooster Card - but you do not have to choose this in order to sign up.

Once signed up, you can have a play around in the app to see what features you do and don't like, and then upgrade to a premium account at a later date if desired.

After you have created an account, you will be asked to add children to the app. You will need to provide your child's name, date of birth, and gender. You also have the option to input your child's pocket money allowance and whether they receive this weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

Initially, any children you create will be automatically set up with a Virtual Money Tracker account, which is the free version of the RoosterMoney app. You will have the option to upgrade to the Rooster PLUS or Rooster Card accounts. For more information on the different accounts available with RoosterMoney, click here.


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RoosterMoney account types

RoosterMoney has three different accounts that allow you to track your child's money. We have summarised them in the comparison table below.

What are the different RoosterMoney accounts?

Virtual Tracker Rooster PLUS Rooster Card*
Age range (years)  3+ 5+ 6-18
Annual cost Free £14.99 (1 month free) £19.99 (1 month free)
Star Chart
Track money virtually
Schedule allowance
Money pots
Child login
Chore tracker
Interest rate setter
Unlimited guardians
Set regular payments
Real money deposits
Prepaid debit card
Flexible parental controls
Debit account details

*Currently only available in the UK

RoosterMoney Virtual Tracker

  • Free
  • Suitable for children aged 3 years and over
  • Virtual pocket money tracker
  • Reward chart
  • Spending and saving pots
  • Child login
  • 2 parent/guardian logins

The RoosterMoney Virtual Money Tracker account is the free version of the RoosterMoney app. It is suitable for children from 3 years old and allows you to virtually track your child's pocket money. This means that no physical money is loaded onto the app, but if you give your child a regular allowance, you can keep track of how much you give them within the app.

If the child spends, saves or gifts some of their allowance, this can also be updated in the app so both you and the child can track how much pocket money has been spent or saved. You also get access to a virtual reward chart, but to use this, you'll need to set the child's currency to stars. You can then set goals for your child to work towards and reward them with stars for good behaviour to help them to achieve their goal.

RoosterMoney Rooster PLUS

  • £1.99 a month or £14.99 per year (1-month free trial)
  • Suitable for children aged 5 years and above
  • Virtual pocket money tracker
  • Reward chart
  • Spending and saving pots
  • Child login
  • Unlimited parent/guardian logins
  • Chore tracker
  • Set an interest rate on your child's money
  • Recurring payments

The RoosterMoney PLUS account has all of the features of a RoosterMoney Virtual Money Tracker account, as well as the additional feature of a chore tracker. It is suitable for children from the age of 5 years old and allows you to set tasks for your child to complete.

As your child completes each task, they can get rewarded by earning their pocket money allowance. You can set two types of chores: allowance chores and extra earners. An allowance chore has to be completed for the child to receive their allowance, and an extra earner chore allows the child to earn additional pocket money on top of their allowance amount. To encourage saving habits, you can also set an interest rate within the app. This is a notional interest rate that is funded by the parent and can be selected within the app under the 'Save' pot settings.

Rooster Plus also allows you to set up a recurring payment within the app for things you would like your children to contribute to, such as pet food or maybe a TV and film subscription. The regular payment amount will be deducted from the child's pocket money allowance amount on the day you have chosen for the allowance to be delivered.

RoosterMoney Rooster Card

  • £19.99 per year (1-month free trial)
  • Suitable for children aged between 6 - 18 years old
  • Virtual pocket money tracker
  • Reward chart
  • Spending and saving pots
  • Child login
  • Unlimited parent/guardian logins
  • Chore tracker
  • Set an interest rate on your child's money
  • Recurring payments
  • Prepaid contactless Visa debit card
  • Spending limits
  • Instant notifications for both parent and child
  • Freeze/Unfreeze the card in-app
  • Secure online card details for one-time transactions

The RoosterMoney Rooster Card is a prepaid contactless Visa debit card that allows your child to spend and manage their own money whilst allowing you to oversee the account via the app. A Rooster Card allows parents to set daily, weekly, and monthly spending limits, as well as ATM and single transaction limits.

The debit card can also be used abroad for free, as long as transactions are kept below £50. Any transactions over the £50 limit will be charged a 3% fee. As well as getting a Rooster Card, you can also benefit from the same features included with the Rooster PLUS and the Virtual Money Tracker account.

How much does RoosterMoney cost?

You can choose between three RoosterMoney accounts - the free account or the two different subscription accounts. In the below table, we summarise the subscription fees and any fees associated with a RoosterCard. You can scroll down for further detail on the account limits.

Virtual Tracker FREE
Rooster Plus £1.99 per month/£14.99 per year (first month free)
Rooster Card £19.99 per year  (first month free)*
Spending online
FREE (limits apply)
ATM fees
FREE (limits apply)
Foreign transactions
FREE up to £50 per month 3% fee thereafter
Debit card loads
FREE (limits apply)
CHAPS transfer £10
Bank transfer OUT
FREE (limits apply)
Rooster Card replacement fee
£5 (1 free replacement per household)
Returning money held in account 12 months after subscription ended

*Additional cards cost £19.99 each year

What are the limits on RoosterMoney accounts?

Loading and transfer limits on a parent RoosterMoney account

  • Maximum free daily loads - 3
  • Maximum free monthly loads - 10
  • Minimum load amount - £2 (loads of less than £2 will be charged £0.50)
  • Loads over the free limits - £0.50 per load
  • CHAPS transfer loads - £10
  • Maximum parent account balance - £10,000
  • Maximum annual load limit - £10,000
  • Maximum parent account load - £1,000
  • Maximum parent account load per day - £1,000
  • Monthly money transfer limit - 2 free money transfers a month (£0.50 transaction charge thereafter)

N.B. Rooster Cards can only be loaded by a personal account (business and Paypal accounts are not accepted).

Spending limits on a Rooster Card

  • Maximum daily spend transactions - 15 (any additional transactions will be charged at £0.50 per transaction)
  • Maximum weekly spend transactions - 25 (additional transactions will be charged £0.50 per transaction)
  • Maximum daily spend - £1,000
  • Contactless spending limit - £45

Spending abroad with a Rooster Card

  • Free ATM withdrawals up to £50 per calendar month (any additional spending is charged at 3% of the transaction amount)
  • Free spending abroad up to £50 per calendar month (additional spending will be charged at 3% of the transaction amount)

Rooster Card ATM withdrawal limits

  • Daily withdrawal limit - £200
  • Maximum daily withdrawals - 4
  • Maximum weekly withdrawals - 10

Is RoosterMoney safe?

RoosterMoney is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). The money held in a RoosterMoney account with a Rooster Card is ring-fenced in an account with the high street bank NatWest. The money you deposit, however, is not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme FSCS should RoosterMoney go bust. However, according to its website, RoosterMoney says 'If RoosterMoney went bust, our creditors would not be able to access your safeguarded money due to it being held in a ring-fenced account. All of the safeguarded funds would be returned to our users.'

Can RoosterMoney be used abroad?

Yes. Rooster Cards can be used abroad for chip and pin and contactless transactions. You can spend a maximum of £50 abroad for free and after this, there is a 3% charge. It is also worth considering that some foreign ATMs will charge foreign transaction fees in addition to a fee for using the ATM itself.

RoosterMoney customer reviews

RoosterMoney is rated as 'Excellent' on review site Trustpilot with a score of 4.7 out of 5 stars from over 800 reviews. 88% of customers rate the app as 'Excellent', citing the app as easy to set up and navigate. Parents also comment that the app provides great motivation for their children to complete chores and better understand money. Only 2% of customers rate the app as 'Bad', citing problems with accessing the money debited on the account and technical problems with some transactions.

RoosterMoney pros and cons

RoosterMoney Pros RoosterMoney Cons
  • Teaches children about money from a young age
  • Quite expensive if your child earns minimal pocket money
  • Can set and track customised chores
  • Have to have a paid-for version to access the chore tracker
  • Children can access the app on their own smart devices
  • Money is not FSCS protected
  • Can have multiple parents/guardians (limited to two on a free plan)
  • Virtual Money Tracker has to be manually updated so easy to lose track
  • Parental controls within the app on transactions
  • Star Chart can be easily replicated at home without signing up

Alternatives to RoosterMoney

RoosterMoney is just one of a range of pocket money apps available. In the below comparison table, we compare RoosterMoney to other pocket money apps from the likes of GoHenry and Osper, as well as junior bank accounts from Starling and Revolut. For more information on the pocket money apps and some of the free alternatives, read our article "The best pocket money apps".

The best pocket money app comparison table

RoosterMoney* Nimbl Osper GoHenry* Starling Kite* Revolut Junior*
Eligibility (years)  6-18 6-18 8-18 6-18 6-16 7-17
Cost £19.99/year (1 month free) £2.49/month or £28.00/year (1 month free) £2.50/month (first 30 days free) £2.99/month (30-day free trial) £2/month Free (limits apply to a free account)
Loading fee Free up to 3 per day and 10 per month Free 50p instant loads 1 free load each month and 50p thereafter Free Free
ATM fees* Free Free Free Free Free
Fees abroad 3% transaction fee over £50 per month £1.50 cash withdrawals, 2.95% transaction fee £2 cash withdrawal, 3% fee No international fee Free
Up to £250 per month
Instant notifications
Set spending limits
tick tick tick tick
Chore tracker
Child app tick
FSCS protection

*Limits apply


Overall, RoosterMoney* is a great app if you are looking to teach your children about money. The free version of the account allows access to the Star Chart and Virtual Money Tracker, but the chart can easily be replicated by a simple handmade rewards chart on the fridge at home.

In addition, it may be easy to forget to update the Rooster Money Virtual Tracker allowances manually when your child spends their pocket money. Accessing the chore tracker, however, is a great way to incentivise your child to earn their pocket money and having separate logins for children allows them to track their progress on their own smart devices, further encouraging independence - though it does come at an additional cost.

The Rooster Card account offers the most benefits for a child to manage their pocket money and is a great way to allow your child to have financial independence whilst still having access to their money and control over their spending habits.

RoosterMoney is marginally cheaper than other similar pocket money accounts, but there are restrictions on how much you can spend. To find out more about the different options available for your child and their pocket money, read our articles:



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