ANNA business bank account review

6 min Read Published: 03 Apr 2024

ANNA business bank account review

In this independent review, we take a look at the app-only business account ANNA* including how it compares to some of its business banking competitors such as Starling Bank* and Tide*. For a full comparison of business bank accounts, read our article 'Best business bank accounts' for more information. We recommend that you read the ANNA review in full but you can jump to specific sections using the following links:

What is ANNA Money?

ANNA (Absolutely No Nonsense Admin)* is a business account that works solely from your smartphone. ANNA was founded in 2017 by Boris Dyakonov and Eduard Panteleev and since then, has amassed over 100,000 business customers.

ANNA is not a UK-registered bank account but an e-money provider regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) which means that you can spend using the Mastercard debit card in the UK and abroad, however, your money will not be protected by the FSCS (Financial Services Compensation Scheme).

ANNA is aimed at small non-limited UK businesses that are structured as a partnership or sole trader as well as UK residents that are directors of a limited company.

ANNA Money key features

  • 1% cashback on select spending
  • ANNA expense card
  • No monthly fee on the Pay As You Go account (additional charges apply)
  • App-only banking
  • Add all of your personal and business accounts within the app
  • 24/7 chat support
  • Attach receipts to transactions
  • £1 ATM withdrawal fee (some free withdrawals depending on the business account chosen)
  • Up to 1% currency conversion fee
  • 1% foreign transaction fee for foreign currency transactions
  • Real-time accountant access
  • Scheduled payments
  • Send invoices
  • Expense management
  • Access to small business loans
  • ANNA FastTrack to Credit allows users to boost their credit score for £9 a month

How does ANNA Money work?

Anna is a business account designed for small business owners to help them manage their money on the go. ANNA claims that it only takes 3 minutes to open an account and you can expect to receive your business Mastercard in 5 working days. When opening an ANNA account you will need to verify your identity by providing a photo of your driving licence or passport. You may also be asked to validate your address and will need to provide a utility bill, council tax statement or bank statement that has been dated in the last 3 months.

You can choose between 3 business accounts with ANNA, each with different pricing levels. One account option is a Pay As You Go (PAYG) account which comes with no monthly fee. If you require additional account features, however, you can choose between accounts with a fee of £14.90 or £49.90 + VAT and we compare each of the ANNA Money business accounts in the table below.

ANNA Money business accounts

Below, we list the business accounts available with ANNA Money*. There are three business accounts to choose from with the option of no monthly fees for smaller businesses. We highlight the key differences between the different types of accounts in the comparison table below.

ANNA business account comparison

Pay As You Go  Business Big Business
Monthly cost  £0 £14.90 + VAT (1 month free) £49.90 + VAT
Free local transfers in and out 20p per transfer 50 free transfers a month (20p thereafter) Unlimited
Free ATM withdrawals  £1 per withdrawal 3 free withdrawals (£1 per withdrawal thereafter) Unlimited
International payments  £5 per SWIFT payment 1 free SWIFT payment (£5 thereafter) 4 free SWIFT payments (£5 thereafter)
Currency conversion fee for transfers 1% 1% 0.5%
Personal payment link for accepting payments Payment link with 1% commission Free up to £200 per month (1% commission thereafter) Free
Free additional debit cards 1 free card (£3 per extra card) 5 free cards (£3 per card per month thereafter) Unlimited
Free cash deposits 1%  commission fee £300 free (1% commission fee thereafter) Free
Pots £1 per month per pot 2 free pots (£1 per month, per pot thereafter) Unlimited
Cashback on select purchases 1% 1% 1%

ANNA cashback

ANNA business account holders can earn up to 1% cashback on select purchases with their ANNA Money debit card. You can choose which top three purchase categories you earn cashback via the money app and can earn a maximum of £100 cashback in any one month.

Examples of categories you can earn cashback on are shown below:

  • Public transport e.g TFL or Trainline
  • Utilities
  • Tesco
  • Plumbing and heating
  • Delivery services e.g Royal Mail or DPD

ANNA expense card

In February 2024, ANNA launched its new expense card with a cashback offer that expired in March. Customers will, however, have their business account monthly fee waived when they spend at least £1,000 on their ANNA business card in March, April, and May. They can therefore benefit from up to three months of free business banking. New and improved exclusive cashback offers will also be launched via ANNA's expense card in the near future.

How much does ANNA Money cost?

In the following table, we share the fees and charges that you can expect with an ANNA Money business account*. Exactly how much you will pay will vary depending on the type of business account you have chosen as some have free limits before you are charged a fee. We explain the differences between the accounts in the above comparison table.

ANNA fees and charges

Monthly fees  £0 / £14.90 / £49.90 (+ VAT)
Local transfers in and out  20p per transfer
ATM withdrawals  £1
International payments  £5 per SWIFT payment
Transfer currency conversion fee  1%
Foreign transaction fee for foreign currency transactions
Cash deposits  1%
Additional debit cards  £3 per additional card
Personal payment link  1%
Pots  £1 per pot per month
Taxes  £3 a month for 3 months (Free tax and bookkeeping tools for one month with Anna Business plan)
ANNA FastTrack to Credit £9 a month

Is ANNA Money safe?

ANNA Money business accounts are not protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) which means up to £85,000 of your money is not protected should ANNA go bust. However, as ANNA Money is an e-money institution ANNA says 'your deposits are still held in a bank account (in ANNA’s case with several regulated 3rd party institutions) and are subject to safeguarding requirements. That means the money isn’t loaned out or invested. It just sits there being really, really safe.'

ANNA is a distributor of PayrNet Limited which is authorised by the FCA under the Electronic Money Regulations 2011 (EMR's) with Firm Reference Number 900594.

If your ANNA debit card is lost or stolen it can be frozen within the app which can prevent anyone from using the card against your will.

ANNA Money customer reviews

ANNA Money is rated as 'Excellent' on independent customer review website Trustpilot, with a score of 4.6 out of 5.0 stars from over 2,800 reviews. 85% of reviewers have rated it as 5 stars citing the app as easy and accessible and many have mentioned positive experiences with its 24/7 customer support. 8% have rated it as 1 star citing problems with account closures, problems logging in to the account and poor customer service.

ANNA Money pros and cons

Here are some of the pros and cons of the Anna account.

ANNA Money pros

  • Easy to use app
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Option for no monthly account fees
  • 1% cashback on select purchases

ANNA Money cons

  • Money is not FSCS-protected
  • Is not a UK-registered bank account
  • Charges a fee for some transactions that are free with alternative business bank accounts

Alternatives to ANNA Money

Below, we compare ANNA to other app-only business bank accounts. For more information on each of the business bank accounts, read our independent reviews:

You can also compare the bank accounts in our article, 'The best business bank accounts in the UK'. We have also partnered with Nerdwallet* to allow you to compare the UK's top business bank accounts in minutes.

ANNA vs Monzo vs Starling vs Tide vs Revolut

  ANNA* Monzo Starling* Tide* Revolut
Monthly cost
  • Free - Pay As You Go
  • £14.90 (+VAT) - Business
  • £49.90 (+VAT) - Big Business
  • Free - Lite version
  • £5 - Pro version
  • Free
  • £7 - Starling Business toolkit
  • Free
  • £9.99 (+VAT) - Tide Plus
  • £18.99 (+VAT) - Tide Pro
  • £49.99 (+VAT) - Tide Cashback
  • Free
  • £5 - Professional freelancer account)
  • £19 - Ultimate freelancer account)
Free UK transfers
Free ATM withdrawal
Fee-free spending abroad ^
Categorised spending tick
24/7 customer support tick
Cash deposits tick
Cheque deposits

^0.6% markup applies outside free allowance 


Overall, ANNA* may be a good option for a small business or start-up looking to manage their money on the go and the easy set-up process makes it appealing compared to having to visit a high street bank. There are some nice perks for business owners too. For instance, ANNA's new expense card allows businesses to earn 2% cashback on many business purchases in March 2024.

One thing to consider before opening an ANNA account, however, is that it is not a UK-registered bank account and so business account customers cannot take advantage of an overdraft like they would with a usual business bank account. It does have limited options for borrowing credit, however, and is hoping to introduce a flexible credit option in the near future. It is also important to note that your money is not FSCS-protected with ANNA as it is registered as an e-money account. ANNA also applies some additional transaction charges that other accounts offer for free. To see how ANNA compares to other business bank accounts, read our article, 'Best business bank accounts in the UK'.



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