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The stress test tool is just one of the tools created for 80-20 Investor members which we are giving away free for a limited time only. 80-20 Investor is a DIY investment service that empowers anyone to run their own fund portfolio of unit trusts, ,ETFs and investment trusts for the price of a cup of coffee a week.

How the stress test tool works

The stress test tool will instantly analyse your funds using the key statistical measures listed below to calculate how your portfolio might perform under periods of market stress.

  • Sortino ratio
  • Volatility
  • Sharpe Ratio
  • Frequency of negative returns

The tool also predicts how your portfolio might perform in each of the following scenarios which would all cause the stock market to fall by more than 10%:

  • Scenario 1 – if central banks suddenly withdraw their support from the market
  • Scenario 2 – if concerns over Chinese or global economic growth panics the market again
  • Scenario 3 – if a new banking crisis emerges

Each fund (as well as your portfolio) receives an overall score which highlights the potential resilience to a new market sell-off.

Why stress test your portfolio?

When equity markets are at or near all time highs the potential for a market fall is increasingly likely. The largest investment banks and financial institutions routinely perform stress test scenarios to see how assets or markets will hold up.

Yet it has been impossible for DIY investors to stress test their portfolios in the same way. How can they test to see how their portfolio might react if global growth concerns rears its head, or if China’s economy implodes? How can they gauge how their portfolio will fare in an unknown Black Swan event?

That is why 80-20 Investor has built a tool that can stress test any portfolio (and over 1,100 funds) instantly. A tool which you can download and keep for future use. The stress test tool is just one of the tools that we have created for 80-20 Investor members and are giving away free for a limited time only.

What is 80-20 Investor?


80-20 Investor is the product of 16 years of financial expertise garnered in the City of London. Driven by a desire to empower consumers to confidently invest and manage their own investments Damien Fahy spent 2 years developing his innovative momentum based algorithm which is at the heart of 80-20 Investor. Complemented by industry leading research, tools, alerts and newsletters 80-20 Investor is designed to maximise returns and bolster confidence and to reduce the burden and stress associated with DIY investing.

Since its launch in 2014 the 80-20 Investor portfolio has consistently outperformed the FTSE 100, fund managers and passive funds such as those run by Vanguard. Too often financial commentators are quick to express opinions but none are transparent in the success of their own investments. Damien’s unwavering belief in 80-20 Investor’s momentum based algorithm is demonstrated by his commitment to always provide access to the details, performance and transactions of his personal £50k portfolio to all 80-20 Investor members.

Damien helps to put you in control

Since 2010 I've been helping people with their personal finances for FREE. Every year we help over 2 million people but that's not enough. Help me help more people by sharing the site with your family, friends and colleagues.
- Damien Fahy, Founder

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