The £50,000 challenge – Damien’s portfolio

8 min Read Published: 27 Feb 2015

One of the biggest problems with the world of finance is that people just don't have 'skin in the game'. Funds are often run by managers who don't have significant stakes of their own fortune invested in their own funds. Research has shown that when fund managers invest their own money, as opposed to their clients' money, they take less risk.

80-20 Investor is the culmination of a career in investment research and analysis. 80-20 Investor was deliberately designed to allow experienced and novice investors to build portfolios to maximise their returns from minimal effort. Of course you have a wealth of articles , my data analysis of tens of thousands of funds by sector as well as our Best of the Best picks.

However, a number of you have asked me 'what funds would you pick?' or 'how would you use 80-20 Investor?' While obviously 80-20 Investor provides information and not financial advice it is an interesting point.

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