Damien Portfolio update: The first year & some changes

14 min Read Published: 08 Mar 2016

As I mentioned in a previous note I have been waiting to make some wholesale fund switches once market volatility settled down a bit. As it was this didn't really happen so I am going ahead and making a number of switches now following the publication of the latest Best of the Best Selection.

Interestingly it is also one year since I started my £50,000 challenge. If you recall my aim was:

  • To invest £50,000 using 80-20 Investor
  • To regularly update you with my progress
  • To show you how I get the best from 80-20 Investor and the features I use
  • To show you how I build a portfolio and...
  • How and when I decide to sell funds

At the time I said...

"I am a brave man as I am investing my money right at the point when stock markets are at all time highs.

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