Damien’s £50k Portfolio update: Beating 87% of fund managers

11 min Read Published: 11 Aug 2015

changeMy £50,000 portfolio has now been running for 5 months. In that time I've navigated a Chinese bear market, the Greek debt crisis, a General Election in the UK as well as a number of market sell-offs.

Is it any wonder then that the average managed fund manager is sitting on a loss since I started the exercise in March? So how have I fared?

Outperforming 87% of fund managers

The chart below gives you a warts and all summary of how my portfolio (the blue line) has outperformed the market (the black line) and the average fund manager (red & green lines). Click the image to enlarge it. The comparable managed funds reside in the two Mixed Investments sectors shown. My portfolio's asset mix would usually lie somewhere between the two of these sectors.

As you can see, not only have I outperformed the market and the typical fund manager but I'm sitting on a profit despite all those aforementioned market events!

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