Damien’s Portfolio performance update January 2016

3 min Read Published: 04 Jan 2016

I had planned to make some changes to my portfolio in December but the market volatility dissuaded me, instead I preferred to wait for the New Year to review things again.

I will review my portfolio this week and will publish full details as and when I do. In the meantime how has my £50,000 portfolio performed? Well the table below shows that my portfolio performed very well in December, a month in which equity markets and my benchmarks lost money.

Portfolio Return % in December 2015 My portfolio 1.11 Average fund manager -0.31 Passive fund benchmark -0.83 FTSE 100 -2.32


That is a fantastic result and I was right to hold off from making any changes. So how has my portfolio performed since inception (in March 2015)?

In the chart below my portfolio is shown by the green line while the average 'Managed fund' fund manager is in red and the equivalent passive Vanguard portfolio is in blue.

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