Damien’s portfolio review – 2 years on and winning

23 min Read Published: 09 Mar 2017
The background to my portfolio

Two years ago (in March 2015) I decided to invest £50,000 of my own money using 80-20 Investor. The purpose was firstly to show how you can use 80-20 Investor to invest and outperform the market with only a few minutes effort every now and then. I also wanted to prove the value of an 80-20 Investor membership. The biennial membership costs £288 which equates to just £12 a month. As you know 80-20 Investor members receive:

  • fund shortlists
  • weekly and monthly market commentary and analysis
  • research articles on whatever topic they want to help them invest
  • tools and heatmaps
  • stop loss alerts

That alone is worth the subscription as members regularly tell me. However by investing £50,000 of my own money I wanted to show in pounds and pence that a membership to 80-20 Investor is worth every penny.

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