Damien’s portfolio update – clearing out the deadwood

10 min Read Published: 12 May 2015

10 days have passed since I wrote my piece Damien’s portfolio update: Steady as she goes and a lot has happened since then!

For starters the UK General Election delivered a majority Conservative Government which was unexpected. In my last weekly note I said that:

The Election result certainly makes things interesting from an investing point of view. Back in March I wrote a piece called FTSE 100 – Where will it go next & how will the Election affect it?. At the time I concluded that:

  • 'In the absence of geopolitical events and uncertainty in the UK General Election that could spark a sell-off there is nothing to stop the FTSE 100 testing new highs this year.

Well now we seem to have some political certainty. Interestingly, in that same article I included a chart showing that a Conservative win is almost always positive for the UK stock market that year.

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