Damien’s Portfolio update: Keep calm & carry on

4 min Read Published: 03 Jul 2015

keep calmIt's been a fascinating month in the markets. June was an awful month for DIY investors and fund managers alike. Incredibly 96% of funds LOST money and those few that didn't made almost nothing.

The reason for this has been the escalating Greek debt crisis, as I've covered in my weekly market commentaries. So how is my portfolio doing? If you recall I invested £50,000 at the top of the market back in March. Between then and now we've experienced a bear market in Chinese equities with falls of over 20%. Plus the Greek debt crisis has exploded and continues to unfold hour by hour into one of the biggest market events in years, triggering stock markets to tumble globally.

My portfolio had been invested in the following funds:

  • 8.75% Henderson UK Smaller Companies
  • 13.5% Old Mutual UK Mid Cap
  • 15% Fidelity Multi Asset Defensive
  • 14% 7IM Balanced
  • 3.5% Henderson China Opportunities
  • 15% JPM Cautious Managed
  • 14% Jupiter European
  • 16.25% M&G Japan

Yet despite the market sell-off (the FTSE is down over 3.29% since I started this exercise) my portfolio now sits at £49,518.68.

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