Damien’s Portfolio update – Sitting tight for now

3 min Read Published: 14 Sep 2016

A few days ago I published a performance review of my £50,000 portfolio - Damien’s portfolio performance review Sept 2016 – Up 12.72%. In the article I identified 3 funds that I would 'look to remove from the portfolio over [last] weekend notwithstanding any sudden surge in market volatility. That's not to say the highlighted funds are suddenly appalling funds, just that there are better opportunities elsewhere'.

Well no sooner were those words published there was an incredible surge in volatility from late on Friday into this week. In the weekend's newsletter I talked about the possibility of a second taper tantrum unfolding. It's an interesting read, especially now that markets have carried on falling for both bonds and equities.

I decided to hold fire on my fund switches, at the start of the week, to see how markets pan out in the short term.

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