Post-Brexit update – How I made 5.35% in 2 days as FTSE 100 fell by 5.62%!

4 min Read Published: 28 Jun 2016
The background to my £50,000 portfolio challenge

Back in March 2015 I decided to invest £50,000 of my own money using 80-20 Investor. The purpose was two-fold, firstly to show how you can use 80-20 Investor to invest and outperform the market with only a few minutes effort every now and then. Secondly, no other investment commentator, journalist or research provider invests their own money for fear of failing. This is a sorry state of affairs and is precisely why I committed to openly running my own portfolio for 80-20 Investor members to see.

Since then I have periodically changed my portfolio using the fund suggestions provided by the 80-20 Investor algorithm and associated research. I always disclose the changes at the time they are made.

Performance review

When the UK voted to leave the European Union markets went into meltdown. I mentioned in my article Brexit market crash – Run for the hills or fill your boots?

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