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How to calculate your annual gas and electricity usage

Calculate your electricity usage - Find an energy bill dated around a year ago. This way you can ensure you get a true picture of your energy usage across the winter and summer months when your usage fluctuates. Your electricity meter is measured in kWh so to calculate your usage simply work out the difference between this year's electricity meter reading and last year's, which will be noted on your old bill. Note this usage figure down.

Calculate your annual gas usage - Unfortunately calculating your gas usage isn't as simple as comparing two meter readings. Depending on the age of your gas meter the readings are either in cubic feet (an imperial meter) or cubic metres (a metric meter). Either way its not kWh. To work out your usage in kWh your supplier has to make a calculation:

  • If you have an imperial meter the calculation is (The number of units you've used) X (The metric conversion factor) X (The volume correction factor) X (The calorific value of the gas) divided by 3.6 = kWh's.
  • If you have a metric meter the calculation is (The number of units used) X (The volume correction factor) X (The calorific value) divided by 3.6 = kWh's

The 'number of units used' is a simple case of finding the difference between your latest meter reading and last year's. The metric conversion factor, volume correction figure and calorific value figure can all be found on your bill.