How to successfully invest £100,000 – keeping costs low

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The simple way to beat the market

If you want to invest while keeping costs low that means using a passive investment strategy. Our guide tells you how to invest successfully using a passive strategy to outperform the market. By downloading our guide you will discover:

  • What passive investing is and the types of investment you can hold
  • Two strategies to use to boost passive investing returns
  • Advanced ETF (Exchange Traded Fund) investment strategies
  • The easy way to run an active ETF portfolio
  • A simple actively managed ETF solution
  • The perfect passive ‘buy and forget’ portfolio – including the one fund everyone should hold

Why invest passively?

Why invest passively?

  • It can protect you from the pitfall of failing to correctly anticipate the market.
  • It is cheap – excessive costs have a huge impact on your eventual investment returns. £100,000 invested for 30 years would be worth £695,700 if growing at 7% per annum with an annual investment charge of 0.3% (typical of a passive fund such as an ETF). If that charge was 1.5% a year (typical of an active fund with a fund manager) your investment would be worth just £485,000. Over £200,000 less!
  • Investing passively is the simplest form of investing. You only need a small portfolio of passive funds spread across a range of assets.


The research behind this guide

This guide was written due to demand for an independent guide detailing how to use ETFs and index funds to not only invest passively but also successfully. Passive investments by their nature track market indicies, which means that they match their chosen market’s performance minus their fund charges. Yet it is still possible to make strategic decisions to outperform the market in the long term by holding a range of passive funds. The key is to know what to hold and when, yet it is simpler than most people realise.

The analysis that went into uncovering the perfect passive asset allocation and investment solutions contained in this guide took hundreds of hours to complete. For a limited time only we are giving FREE access to the research via this downloadable guide.

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