10 facts you didn’t know about price comparison websites

1 min Read Published: 19 May 2011

1 - Price comparison websites take over £650 million in commission each year

2 - It is estimated that 10.1 million adults used comparison websites in the past year.

3 - Price comparison websites take between 20% and 25% of each premium in commission.

4 - Only 2% of users questioned in a recent survey realised that the commission taken was so high.

5 - 26% of of online adults spend between £100 and £499 on price comparison websites each year.

6 - 37% of users use comparison websites as they believe they provide the cheapest deals.

7- 27% of users use comparison websites to save time.

8 - 39% of users will use the services of a broker instead.

9 - Price comparison sites seem to specialise in annoying adverts with the Go Compare adverts recently being voted the most annoying on TV.

10 - Wynne Evans, who plays the annoying opera star in the Go Compare, adverts recently signed a six-album record deal with Warner. Amazingly his debut album went straight to the top of the Classical Album chart in March 2011.

(source : facts 1-8 were the findings of a recent YouGov survey undertaken by saveitbuddy.com)

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