3 quick links – the problems facing BP, its future outlook and what you should do about BP shares

1 min read Published: 03 Jun 2010


Following on from yesterday’s post the latest ‘3 quick links’ continues the BP theme. In light of the subsequent self-interest that a lot of investors now have in the plight of BP, today’s post highlights the current problems facing the company, its future outlook and what you should do about BP shares.

The current situation – a summary of the ongoing problems facing BP, including the fear that dividends could be cut and the latest news on the downgrade of BP’s credit rating.

The future facing BP – an excellent article covering a wealth of possible future scenarios facing the company. It assesses the likelihood of scenarios ranging from BP running out of cash, becoming a takeover target, being banned from the US to facing huge liability and damages costs.

What should you do about BP shares? – at the bottom of this article the associate editor of Money Week speculates on this very question.