A new way to save money shopping online

1 min Read Published: 16 Nov 2012

If you plan to do your present shopping online then you will obviously want to bag a bargain. There are plenty of websites that offer great bargains but a new one offers a novel approach to for finding the best deals.

Flubit.com is a shopping website that is not just a comparison site but one where they will go to suppliers, on your behalf, with details of your desired product and ask them to 'give you their best deal'. The site is very simple to use, you just post a link to your desired product and Flubit.com promise to email you back with the best offer within 48 hours. You are not obliged to purchase anything, but if you want to make a  transaction it is all done through Flubit.com,  with no cost to the customer, and purchases must be done within a specified period (typically 24hrs).

Why Flubit.com is so different is because, instead of just comparing several retailers, it goes direct to suppliers asking for their best deal for a particular customer. Therefore, because prices are not advertised, the price restrictions imposed by many manufacturers can be avoided resulting in cheaper prices.

If you plan to use Flubit.com for your shopping then you need to be aware of the 48hr turnaround time, at the end of which you may not get a cheaper deal, and possibly have lost the original deal you found. However, with a bit a planning I'm sure you will be able to save a few valuable pounds.

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