A Thousand Thank Yous!

1 min Read Published: 26 Sep 2011

Regular readers will know that I first started Money to the Masses early last year and it was originally a one page blog. The blog soon grew beyond its meagre one or two visitors a day and it became apparent that I needed a full site if I was to help as many people as possible with free personal finance insight and advice.

So almost a year ago to the day I launched the Money to the Masses website which featured a whole host of extra content, a mobile site, a newsletter, videos, readers’ questions and more. Since then I have been blown away by what has happened. In the last 12 months I have helped over 65,000 people with over 100 detailed personal responses to readers published on the site and have a growing following on Twitter and Facebook. In addition, despite Money to the Masses being UK focused, the site has been read by people in 137 countries which is incredible!

So what’s next?

I am so excited about the next 12 months on Money to the Masses that I can’t wait to get cracking. As regular readers know I run this site entirely in my “spare” time in between a full time job, being dad to a 20 month old and an unhealthy obsession with Tottenham Hotspurs. So looking back at the last 12 months really does make the hard work and late nights worthwhile.

Most of all I wanted to say thank you to all of you who have read and forwarded on articles, signed up to my newsletter, commented and provided feedback and suggestions, watched a video, followed me on Facebook and Twitter and generally been supportive. You are all helping me change the face of personal finance in the UK. Below is a list of all the things you can do to continue to make a difference.

Thanks again

Damien Fahy