Average family can survive for only 18 days without any income

1 min Read Published: 23 Jul 2013


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A new report suggests that the average family in the UK could only survive for 18 days if they lost their source of income. The Deadline to Breadline report based on analysis by the Centre for Economics and Business Research also found that 37% of Britons had no savings. The report which was commissioned by the insurer Legal & General made the following findings:

  • On average people in the UK can survive for only 18 days without any income after which they could be on the breadline financially
  • People believe they could actually survive three times longer (57 days) than the actual figure of 18 Days
  • 37% of people have no savings putting them on the breadline immediately if they lost their source of income
  • Average UK savings is £600
  • 60% of households say that they would not expect to receive any financial support from friends or family in the event of a financial disaster
  • Those that felt that they would get financial support from friends and family think the average amount of help would be £155

How long could you survive if you lost your source of income

To find out how long your family would survive without any income use this handy calculator.

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