Barclays launches new free cash withdrawal service – how does it work?

1 min Read Published: 12 Oct 2022

Barclays launches new free cash withdrawal service - how does it work?

Barclays has launched a new cash withdrawal service that allows consumers - including those that are not Barclays customers - to withdraw cash from multiple businesses across the UK free of charge. An increase in contactless card payments over the years has led to a decline in the use of cash and can be attributed to a number or branch and ATM closures. Barclays' new cash withdrawal service is part of its ongoing commitment to enable access to cash for the most vulnerable people in our communities.

Tim Allen, Head of Access to Cash at Barclays UK, said: “While an increasing number of our customers choose to pay digitally, we recognise that for some, cash remains vital. This service will benefit communities around the country, beyond our customer base, giving them the choice and flexibility to access their money conveniently. This is part of our broader commitment to preserving long-term access to cash for those who require it.

What is Barclays Cashback Without Purchase?

Barclays has launched a free cashback service that allows consumers to withdraw up to £100 of cash at various small business locations across the UK. Barclays is the first bank in the UK to launch a cashback service where a purchase is not necessary in order to withdraw cash.

How does Barclays Cashback Without Purchase work?

Customers can visit participating locations throughout the UK to withdraw up to £100 fee-free. Customers also have the option to withdraw amounts less than £10 as well as non-rounded amounts, e.g £5.61. Customers can withdraw cash in any incremental amount from 1p - £100 and can receive the cashback in coins as well as notes.

The service offered by Barclays means that any business with a Barclaycard Payments (Flex) terminal can offer customers the free cash withdrawal service as long as they are using a Visa, Visa Electron or Mastercard debit card.

Participating businesses will be paid 15p by Barclays for each approved processed transaction, which provides the incentive for businesses to participate in the scheme. The money paid to the participating business will be offset against the card processing fees.

Where is Barclays Cashback Without Purchase available?

Businesses that have a Barclaycard Payments terminal can offer the services to consumers and Barclays says it is 'working with these businesses to promote the service in their communities'. You can look for Barclaycard cashback point stickers in the window or at the till of the business to identify whether the Cashback Without Purchase Service is offered. Barclays says that further information will be available in the coming months to help consumers find their nearest Barclays Cashback Without Purchase location.

If you are a business with a Barclaycard Flex terminal and wish to activate the free cashback service you can do so by calling 0800 092 9305.