Best of this week’s finance tweets – 23rd December 2011

4 min Read Published: 23 Dec 2011

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A converstation between  Radio 4 Money Box host  Paul Lewis (@paullewismoney) and Hargreaves Lansdown's Tom McPhail (@PensionsMonkey) on the Open Market Option. The Open Market Option is the ability for pensioners to shop around to get the best annuity rate:


  • @paullewismoney - My alternative to encourage shopping around: 'WARNING: If you stay with us you'll probably be poorer for the rest of your life' should work?
  • @PensionsMonkey: @paullewismoney you'd have thought, actually people think: they must be nice insurers, I'll stick with them. Has been tested.
  • @paullewismoney: @PensionsMonkey >>> Indeed. That's why we need a law.
  • @PensionsMonkey: @paullewismoney trying to get decent #pension shopping around process, we're pulling more teeth than the average dentist: reluctant insurers.
  • @paullewismoney: @PensionsMonkey I know you are working hard on it Tom that's why we need a law.





@EdConwaySky Dec 20, 5:24pm - Ed Conway - Economics Editor of Sky News

Moodys hints UK cld lose AAA cos of euro crisis: "rating sensitive 2 future developments in euro area's debt crisis, even tho UK not member



@martin_greig Dec 21, 5:48am

RT .@clivehollick: Govt's failure to boost growth and demand threatens UK's AAA rating. Perfect storm ahead.



@BBCHughPym Dec 22, 9:33am - Hugh Pym - Chief Economics Correspondent for the BBC

UK GDP growth revised up from 0.5% to 0.6 in Q3 but previous quarter revised down by same amount - so unchanged picture over 6 months


@money2themasses Dec 22, 10:18am - ME!!!

But current quarter's GDP will be most telling - lot of analysts expecting a small contraction. We'll find out on the 25th Jan





@JonathanDavisWM Dec 20, 8:45am - Jonathan Davis - Economist & Wealth Manager

@simonjacktoday @BBCr4today Rail fares go up to pay high salary increases. Thx to the union and the execs


@JonPrynn Dec 20, 8:48am - Jonathan Prynn - Consumer Business Editor of the Evening Standard

Commuter misery: Swindon season tix pass £8k barrier, up 6%. Winchester over £5k for first time. Milton Keynes up 6.5% to £5,280




@BBCHughPym Dec 20, 8:01am - Hugh Pym - Chief Economics Correspondent for the BBC

HMRC says 25 bill fig not real outstanding tax liability. Says it collected record tax last year


@Peston Dec 20, 8:13am  - Robert Peston - BBC Business Editor

Hodge: "a damning indictment of HMRC & the way its senior officials handle tax disputes with big corporations"


@paullewismoney Dec 20, 8:24am  - Paul Lewis - Radio 4 Money Box host

Extraordinary anger among tweeps this morning about way big cos treated over tax and comparisons with how touch HMRC is on small businesses


@paullewismoney Dec 20, 8:29am -  - Paul Lewis - Radio 4 Money Box host

HMRC refused to cooperate with the MPs committee but then complained the report was 'partial' 'inaccurate' and misunderstood facts!!


@paullewismoney Dec 20, 8:30am  - Paul Lewis - Radio 4 Money Box host

At one point the Public Accounts Committee insisted the HMRC lawyer took an oath to ensure he told the truth.


@paullewismoney Dec 20, 8:32am  - Paul Lewis - Radio 4 Money Box host

Committee established there was no legal bar on HMRC revealing details of tax settlements with companies - it was merely its own practice.




@paullewismoney Dec 20, 6:39am  - Paul Lewis - Radio 4 Money Box host

Also very good news that the banks are to scrap or cut their charges for buying foreign currency thanks to Consumer Focus complaint.


@paullewismoney Dec 20, 6:40am  - Paul Lewis - Radio 4 Money Box host

...and yes that is the same Consumer Focus that is due to be abolished under the bonfire of the quangos.


@jimconey Dec 20, 7:25am - James Coney - Editor of Money Mail

No greater proof that Govts don't listen than fact Consumer Focus to be scrapped..even after yet another victory for consumer rights.


@PensionsMonkey Dec 20, 8:03am - Tom McPhail - Hargreaves Lansdown

@jimconey they may have done good work but the Consumer Focus pension report was pretty poor






@money2themasses Dec 19, 9:14am - ME!!

New mortgage lending rules set out by FSA - lenders will have to check the ability to repay the loan, radical stuff!


@Samuelsdale Dec 19, 10:40am - Samuel Dale - Journalist at Mortgage Strategy

MMR: Rules could incentivise lenders and borrowers to go direct: >> this much doesn't sound good for brokers


@buyingagent Dec 19, 4:19pm - Tracy Kellett - Buying Agent London & South-East

Not commenting in depth about FSA mortgage recs as 'on hols'. BUT in essence means you'll be able to get a mortgage if you don't need one.





@jilltreanor Dec 19, 4:05pm - Jill Treanor - Guardian journalist, specialising in the banking sector

Osborne stresses that the "ringfence" recommended by Vickers will not prevent banks from failing #business





@aliceemross Dec 19, 10:20am - Alice Ross - Currencies Correspondent at the Financial Times

North Korean leader dies; South Korean won plunges: buying opportunity, claims Soc Gen.


@EdConwaySky Dec 19, 9:50am - Ed Conway - Economics Editor of Sky News

Here's that famous satellite image of North and South Korea at night


@headlinemoneyEd Dec 19, 9:30am - Andrew  Michael - Editor of Headline Money website

Have you noticed how everyone appears to have turned into a North Korea's adviser this morning?