Best of this week’s finance tweeters – 16th December 2011

5 min Read Published: 16 Dec 2011

twitter logo Here is this week's compilation of those tweets worth reading from the best financial tweeters out there, including me of course.


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What follows was a conversation, on teaching financial education in schools, between myself (@money2themasses), Annie Shaw (@CashQuestions) who is a Daily Express columnist/Financial Agony Aunt and Madeline Thomas (@MaddyThomas) who is the manager of financial education programes for Citizens Advice :



  • @money2themasses - all for fin ed in school - but its society's attitude to money that needs changing which is lead by example of govs & policy makers
  • @money2themasses - kids will soon learn about dangers of spending what you don't have when the number of teachers falls due to gov cutbacks & class sizes go up
  • @MaddyThomas - the fin ed we teach at CAB in schools is sorely needed. Pre-uni kids are desperate for knowledge before their debts rack up
  •  @CashQuestions (to @MaddyThomas) absolutely. But what u do is free. How much wd it cost to make what u teach compulsory? 



 Then there was the reaction to the actual Commons debate:


@Simonlovesmoney - Simon Ward - News Editor at

Interesting that supermarket deals have been cited as part of the financial education debate


@Simonlovesmoney  - Simon Ward - News Editor at

Very empty Commons chamber for financial education debate. Shame.


@jimconey - James Coney - Editor of Money Mail

There are 200+ MPs on the APPG for Financial education in schools - but just 30 or so in chamber for debate. #cheersthanksforcoming



@MartinSLewis - Martin Lewis - owner of

Financial ed debate just ended. No tweeting allowed in commons. Twas parliament at its best. Minister agreed to incl it in nat curric review





@ReutersJamie - Jamie McGeever -- Editor at Reuters Insider TV

gold -7.5% so far this week. a close on friday of more than -8.6% will be biggest weekly fall since 1983. (ignore my tweet yday. bad charts)


@ReutersJamie - Jamie McGeever -- Editor at Reuters Insider TV

gold now testing longer-term tech support at 55-wk moving average $1,557. not been below since jan '09. could break trigger steeper fall?


@Brian_Dennehy - Brian DennehyIndependent Financial Adviser

Investors dump #gold but bugs still believe dollar to weaken/gold to recover as we enter 2012 - think again


@AllisterHeath - Allister Heath - Editor of City AM

One reason for gold's collapse is that funds are selling to raise cash





@PensionsMonkey - Tom McPhail - Hargreaves Lansdown

Woah, DWP also says revisiting auto enrolment thresholds, clear implication fewer employees will get swept in: is it all unravelling? Maybe





@money2themasses – ME!

FSA to announce relaxation on mortgage lending. Isn't this why it all went wrong in the first place??


What follows is a conversation between Annie Shaw (@CashQuestions) a financial agony aunt and Andrew Mortlake (@montysblog) a mortgage broker as result of the FSA announcement:


  • @CashQuestions: their lunacy knows no bounds. Mind you lenders will never go for it. It's the 125% mortgage all over again
  •  @montysblog: come on Annie - how is that lunacy? They are not changing anything, ir borrowing any more and it is affordable anyway!
  •  @CashQuestions: "affordable" is what got us into this mess. If the loan is that blooming affordable pay off some of the capital before you move!
  •  @montysblog: nope not checking affordability properly was the issue - affordability does not mean you also have piles of spare cash
  •  @CashQuestions: it means you should have a stake in your home and not be able to throw the keys back - which means loan of less than 100%






@EdConwaySky - Ed Conway -Economics Editor of Sky News

Treasury sources say definitively: NO agreement made at EU summit for UK to contribute more to IMF. Wld only be done as part of global deal


@ReutersJamie - Jamie McGeever -- Editor at Reuters Insider TV

eu summit over. re. uk, overwhelming view among press + officials is cameron played it v badly. uk more isolated than ever, cld be dangerous


@Brian_Dennehy - Brian Dennehy - Independent Financial Adviser

There's a long way down - euro down through 1.30 to USD. Italy bond yields up again. #eurocrisis alive and well


@EdConwaySky - Ed Conway -Economics Editor of Sky News

I hear from a friend in the US media that barely anyone - aside from the NYT - has reported on the "UK isolated from EU" story in past wk


@johnstepekMW - John Stepek - Editor of MoneyWeek

In case you hadn't noticed the desperate flight to 'safety' going on, US sells 30-year bonds at record low yield:…


@EdConwaySky - Ed Conway -Economics Editor of Sky News

Next stage in story is watching the euro-saving plan disintegrate as EU parliaments scrutinise it & the Cameron-bashing novelty wears off


@montysblog - Andrew Mortlake (@montysblog) a mortgage broker

Looks like the whole if Europe is about to be downgraded ! Expected but does anyone care anymore? #euroschemozzle


@buyingagent - Tracy Kellett - Buying Agent London & South-East

Dear Simon Cowell, don't waste money on market research, I am browsing Eurozone analysis during #xfactorfinal - that's all you need to know





@Peston - Robert Peston - BBC Business Editor

The unemployment rate 8.3%, up 0.4 on quarter. 2.64 million unemployed people, up 128,000. Number unemployed highest since 1994.



@BBCHughPym - Hugh Pym - Chief Economics Correspondent for the BBC

Two faces of jobs market - up to 1,000 jobs at risk at Thomas Cook shops while Morrisons announces its creating 7,000 new jobs in 2012





@JuliaKollewe - Julia Kollewe -Financial reporter at the Guardian/Observer and artist

Retail Queen Mary Portas' long-awaited review of the high street is out ... but it's less than 50 pages #business


@PropertyJourn - Graham Norwood - Property journalist

Portas 30 recommendations excellent, experience-driven - council zoning/planning/parking in firing line - quick win for Cameron if he backs


@HenryPryor - Henry Pryor - Property Expert

Dear @maryportas, I don't want to go back to the High Street. It's full of tourists, sells nothing I want & I prefer the shopping centre.





@simonnread - Simon Read -personal finance editor at The Independent newspaper

How much do non-exec directors earn? Average £60k? That'd be £360k handed out by Money Advice Service while sacking 60 staff.


@TheParaplanner - Richard Allum - Parapalnner


MAS is yet another example of "jobs for chums" at the top. How can it need £350k salary when 60 being made redundant?






@PensionsDan - Dan Hyde - journalist at

Inflation starting to build downward trend. Savers note RPI down to 5.2% - more relevant for linked bonds


@EdConwaySky - Ed Conway -Economics Editor of Sky News

UK now has highest inflation in EU (4.8%) - next highest is Estonia at 4.7%



@aliceemross - Alice Ross - Currencies Correspondent at the Financial Times

Lower inflation in the UK = expectations of more QE = pound has moved lower against dollar and euro.





@paullewismoney - Paul Lewis - Radio 4 Money Box host

FSA 452 page report: RBS collapsed cos it did silly stuff and we didn't spot it then and can't punish anyone for it now…