Best of this week’s finance tweets – 13th January 2012

3 min Read Published: 13 Jan 2012

twitter logo Here is this week's compilation of those tweets worth reading from the best financial tweeters out there, including me of course.

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On Utility companies cutting their bills


@EdConwaySkyEd Conway - Ed Conway - Economics Editor of Sky News

 If every utility cuts gas prices by 5% it'll knock 0.1% points off inflation. If they do electricity by same amt too that's another 0.1% off


@simonnread Simon Read - personal finance editor at The Independent newspaper

 SSE 4.5% price cut comes around hour or so after after British Gas 5% cut. Who thinks that the energy companies don't work as a cartel?


@MartinSLewis – Martin Lewis - owner of

 British gas elec only cut of 5% as predicted. Don't let that make u think you're on a good deal; still worth comparing


@money2themasses – Me (Damien Fahy)

 If only we could convince an energy company CEO to stick his head in an oven.....





@AllisterHeath- Allister Heath - Editor of City AM

Eurozone bond auctions were much more successful today. Lull in crisis.


@JasmineJasmine Birtles - owner of

 Mafia is Italy's biggest business. That explains why they're one of the biggest economies in the world...still


@EdConwaySky - Ed Conway - Economics Editor of Sky News

Eurozone ever closer to recession. Eurostat cuts estimate of Q3 GDP growth from 0.2% to 0.1%. Slowest since 2009 recession


@RobinBewRobin Bew - Economist

Negative German yields on debt auction suggest safe haven status. But most outcomes bad for Germany. Bailouts, Eurobonds, periphery crisis.


@ReutersJamie - Jamie McGeever - Editor at Reuters Insider TV

equities calm, resources/energy stocks highest in months, volatility slumping...yet italy +7%, greece teetering. something has to give


@ReutersJamie - Jamie McGeever - Editor at Reuters Insider TV

significant chance of italian downgrade – fitch


@EdConwaySky - Ed Conway - Economics Editor of Sky News

Fitch's Olbert: "We don't believe euro will split up. Relative debt of eurozone compared to the UK and the US isn't that outsized."





@Mortgage_Mind - Lea Karasavvas – Mortgage Broker

Hmmm. nationwide launch new 90% deals tomorrow. Low deposit borrowing is certainly having a go this January!!!


@JohnTheJournoJohn Fitzsimons - Acting editor of personal finance website

Accord now offering 90% LTV mortgages. Two and five-year deals launching tomorrow, including 2-yr deal at 4.89% with £995 fee.



Wonga promoting their payday loans to students


@martynsavilleDr Martyn Saville - Personal finance journalist at Which?

@MartinSLewis That Wonga claim is outrageous - student loan repayments are based on ability to pay post-graduation. & there's no 4000% APR!


@MartinSLewis -Martin Lewis - owner of

Wonga you're a moral disgrace. You try the "we're payday loan good guys" yet this is nasty



Loans & Credit Cards


@ukmoneyguru Julian Knight - Money and property editor, independent on sunday

70 per cent of websites offering consumers loans flout EU credit rules - all sites in Spain, Cyprus and Slovakia failed the mystery shop


@money2themassesMe – Damien Fahy

MT @JohnTheJourno: average Brit spent £17k on credit cards last year. Bloody. Hell. > but doesn't that inc those who clear balance each mnth





@hwallopHarry Wallop - Retail Editor - Daily Telegraph

Debenhams sold 2m bottles of perfume in 5 weeks to Xmas Eve. Men of Britain, you are very unimaginative...



UK Economy


@EvanHDEvan Davis – Radio 4 Today programme

I think most economists would argue that a) cutting less now gives you more growth, but b) not so much extra growth that you borrow less.


@EdConwaySky - Ed Conway - Economics Editor of Sky News

3 key surveys released today reveal: housing market improving (RICS), high st sales ditto (BRC) & recession not inevitable (BCC)


Phishing Email Scams


@paullewismoney - Paul Lewis - Radio 4 Money Box host

If you get an email offering refund from HMRC, IT IS A FAKE. Forward to [email protected] uk and delete permanently using Shift-delete


@paullewismoney - Paul Lewis - Radio 4 Money Box host

If you get suspicious email hover mouse over link and you will see where it is really from - but don't click on it that can download virus.


@paullewismoney - Paul Lewis - Radio 4 Money Box host

Interesting website lists top scam emails and where they are really from - thanks to @money2themasses