Best of this week’s finance tweets – 16th March 2012

3 min Read Published: 16 Mar 2012

twitter logo Here is this week's compilation of those tweets worth reading from the best financial tweeters out there, including me of course.

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All the following tweets are the respective tweeter's personal views and not those of their employers.


On Mortgages

@Tony_Pauley_CT - Tony Pauley - CTO of Castle Trust, a financial services company

The Bank is admitting that its base rate is no longer the most important factor in driving mortgage rates.

@CashQuestions -  Annie Shaw - Financial agony aunt & Daily Express columnist

36% of equity release customers using money to repay a mortgage during 2011. Disgusting. What have you vampire mortgage lenders done?


On George Osborne's plan to issue 100 year bonds

@iancowie - Ian Cowie - Head of Personal Finance at the Telegraph

Buying 100-year bonds looks like a gilt-edged way to lose money: #100-yearbonds #bonds #inflation

@martin_greig - - Martin Greig -Associate Director @NewgatePR. Ex BBC journalist

Will anyone actually buy the "Osborne bond?" In theory #pension funds - but not if yield is too low, right?

@EdConwaySky - Ed Conway - Economics Editor of Sky News

Think a 100yr bond is barmy? Two bonds issued by railroad companies in the 1900s weren't supposed 2 mature until 2361 and 2862 respectively


Financial Times Journalist walkout

@CashQuestions - -  Annie Shaw - Financial agony aunt & Daily Express columnist

FT journos to walk out on strike for three whole hours? Is that over lunch or as well as? Who will notice?

@hwallop - Harry Wallop - Retail Editor - Daily Telegraph

FT journalists are striking between 3pm and 5pm today. What? So they can watch Cheltenham racing?


On the Goldman Sachs worker who took a parting shot at his former employer in an open letter 


@lucytobin - Lucy Tobin - Evening Standard journalist & author

Astonishing resignation letter "Why I Am Leaving Goldman Sachs" in NY Times; "MDs refer to their clients as “muppets..”

@ElaineDMoore - Elaine Moore - journalist at the FT

Wow that goldman sachs letter is amazing. Props for the table tennis achievement too

@Peston -  Robert Peston - BBC Business Editor

Goldman reply: "We will only be successful if clients are successful. This fundamental truth lies at heart of how we conduct ourselves."

@money2themasses - Damien Fahy (me) - writer of

On G Sachs whistleblower - Its easy to be a moral crusader when you're prob rich enough to never work again having made your fortune


On the change in the list of items used to calculate the official inflation rate

@martin_greig - Martin Greig -Associate Director @NewgatePR. Ex BBC journalist

I imagine many people won't be too impressed by changes to #inflation calculation. Tablet computers are not everyday items for most

@hwallop - Harry Wallop - Retail Editor - Daily Telegraph

Baby wipes is in ONS inflation basket "Introduced to represent ‘cleansers on the go’." Eurgh

@hwallop - Harry Wallop - Retail Editor - Daily Telegraph

iPads, pineapples, take-away chicken + chips, babywipes -- this, tweeps, is modern Britain. All added to ONS basket of good



On the Government's NewBuy Scheme aimed at kick-starting the housing market

@leahmilner - Leah Milner - Times money reporter

Govt-backed NewBuy mortgages launch - starting from 4.29% at Natwest, 4.99% at Barclays and 5.69% at Nationwide

@JohnTheJourno - John Fitzsimons - editor of 

OK, so Halifax and Santander will be taking part in NewBuy, but won't join the scheme for a few months. Disappointing

@HenryPryor - Henry Pryor - Property expert

“You can’t buck the market" said Maggie but it seems that today's Tory's are determined to do just that with ill-conceived NewBuy scheme.


On an anything but finance

@martin_greig Martin Greig -Associate Director @NewgatePR. Ex BBC journalist

The fitness tests police officers will be expected to perform include: crawling, stair-climbing & cone-lifting. OMG!

@pensionlawyeruk Jennie Kreser - Partner at Silverman Sherliker, a City law firm

Apprentice contestant "they call me the Master Puppeteer" Actually they prob call you the Master D***head behind your back!! #apprentice

@RuthVJackson  Ruth Jackson - Deputy Editor of Moneywise

When it comes to tax-free income I'm making far more at Cheltenham than I would in an ISA

@moneyaware a debt help charity

: Does reading about celebrities affect the way you manage your money? #lunchmoney

@CashQuestions -  Annie Shaw - Financial agony aunt & Daily Express columnist

@moneyaware not really rocket science. Thickos beguiled by trivia can't manage their own lives - or celeb gltiz is excape from own chaos