Best of this week’s finance tweets – 3rd February 2012

3 min Read Published: 03 Feb 2012

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Sir Goodwin losing his knighthood

@martinbamfordMartin Bamford - Independent Financial Adviser

Fred losing his knighthood brings us one step closer to the reintroduction of duelling. That's the type of society I want!


@Samuelsdale -  - Samuel Dale - Journalist at Mortgage Strategy

Seemingly unanimous support for Fred's shredding. Righteous indignation is more British than roast beef


@lucytobin - Lucy Tobin - Evening Standard Journalist

Sun headline tomorrow: Fred the Shredded?


@SarahModlock - Sarah Modlock - Journalist

Of course Fred Goodwin should not be compared to Mugabe but I'm unmoved by all this bleating about witch hunts + him 'unfairly' losing KBE.


@HenryPryor -  Henry Pryor - Property Expert

There is something deeply uncomfortable about the lynch-mob approach to Fred Goodwin. Are we now withdrawing knighthoods for incompetence?


@jimconey - James Coney - Editor of Money Mail

What I don't understand about the honours systems is why so many people seem to be rewarded JUST for doing their job.


On being cold



@PestonRobert Peston - BBC Business Editor

What's more dispiriting than sitting at home waiting for British Gas to come & fix boiler, 2nd day running, on coldest day of year?


@PestonRobert Peston - BBC Business Editor

Okay. I now know there are lots of things worse! Blimey, excuse me for having a moan. Anyone would think you're my mum


@Mortgage_Mind  - Lea Karasavvas – Mortgage Broker

It's colder than an Eskimos bathroom this morning!


@MSNDamian - Damian Clarkson - MSN Journalist

Apparently the temperature in parts of Russia is -34. That should put things into perspective, but I still want to moan about how cold it is


@pensionlawyeruk - Jennie Kreser - Partner at Silverman Sherliker, a City law firm

Was tempted to tie hot water bottle round waist this morning on way to work...#sillybutwarmjens


UK Economy


@bondvigilantes - Bond Vigilantes - M&G Fixed Income fund managers

Bank of England has talked about 0.5% being as low as they'd go, although signs they are reconsidering this (as UK economy slows).


@AllisterHeath - Allister Heath - Editor of City AM

Bad UK construction PMI survey. Still growing, but only just, and weakest for four months



@EdConwaySky - Ed Conway - Economics Editor of Sky News

I anticipate some hastily-assembled q&a pieces abt our newest EU ally, the Czech Republic, in tomorrow's papers


@ReutersJamieJamie McGeever - Editor at Reuters Insider TV

so china telling europe to sort itself out first, then it will consider splashing the cash.


@money2themasses - Damien Fahy - Me!

Greece on brink ahead of summit - - no. of elections in EU this yr as well & can't see voters accepting external controls either


Payday  Loans / Consumer borrowing


@simonnreadSimon Read - personal finance editor at The Independent newspaper

Payday loan firm Ferratum predicts that 3.5m Brits will have to resport to applying for a loan in the next six months. #depressingthought


@Jasmine -  Jasmine Birtles - owner of

3/4 of complaints against payday loans companies upheld by Ombudsman a/c Debt Advice Foundation


@martynsaville – Dr Martyn Saville - Personal finance journalist at Which?

Good 1st step that Wonga agrees to limit rollovers, but doesn't stop indivs borrowing from co A then B then A again until debt unmanageable


@PhilAldrick– Philip Aldrick - Daily Telegraph Economics Editor

Consumer credit contracted by £400m in December - largest since records began in 1993 Households totally debt averse


@EdConwaySky - Ed Conway - Economics Editor of Sky News

Big drop in consumer credit in Dec. Wonder how that fits with strong retail sales? RT @bankofengland:


@paullewismoney Paul Lewis - Radio 4 Money Box host

If you want to get a mortgage get a credit card and pay it off each month. A perfect credit record will help FTBs with mortgage application.



@JonathanDavisWM-  Jonathan Davis - Economist & Wealth Manager

In 2 days FTSE has given back entire January gains #hotair


@JonPrynn  - Jonathan Prynn - Consumer Business Editor of the Evening Standard

Confirmed Tesco below 30% last in May 2005. Still huge and dominant of course but the direction and speed of travel is remarkable.


@JonPrynn - Jonathan Prynn - Consumer Business Editor of the Evening Standard

Instant analysis (via google) suggests it is first time since 2005 that Tesco share below 30% mark. What a first year for Philip Clarke!


@Brian_Dennehy - Brian Dennehy - Chartered Financial Adviser

Footsie (et al) short term technicals suggest bit more upside. But #facebook IPO classic sign of topping markets