Best of this week’s financial tweets – 25th November 2011

3 min Read Published: 25 Nov 2011

twitter logo Here is this week's compilation of those tweets worth reading from the best financial tweeters out there, including me of course.

Twitter helps give you an inside fast track into the world of personal finance and the latest developments. I read and interact with hundreds of people via twitter everyday and only bring you those that are worth listening to. (If you want to join my watch list then simply follow me on twitter @money2themasses)

All the following tweets are the respective tweeters personal views and not those of their employers.




@ReutersJamie - Jamie McGeever - Editor at Reuters Insider TV

"is this the day euro zone contagion finally reached germany, and bunds are no longer a safe-haven?"  (Thursday)

@EdConwaySky - Ed Conway -Economics Editor of Sky News

"Wow if true RT @Alea_: THERE is not a single family in Greece without one jobless member"



@clareefrancis  - Clare Francis - editor of

"Halifax has re-vamped its All In One Card 0% for 15 mnths on purchases & BTs. I think thats the longest dual offer EVER"


"High-street s#hoppers will no longer be offered #discounts as an incentive to sign up for #storecards."

@elainemooreeeee - Elaine Moore - FT journalist

"Payday loans - charging 1,000% interest per year - is now billion pound industry acc to Consumer Focus"




@money2themasses - ME!

"Thomas Cook shares dive on news of bank talks"

@mgreig01 martin greig - BBC Journalist

"When was the last time the shares of a company (other than penny stocks) fell 75% in a day?"

@Peston - Robert Peston - Business Editor for the BBC

"Trading at Thomas Cook suddenly worse because French/Russians not going to Egypt (understandably) & Brits spending less in general"

@money2themasses - ME!

"Thomas Cook reassure customers 'biz as usual' - Those who've already booked holidays with them are covered under ATOL if worse happened"

@paullewismoney - Paul Lewis - Radio 4 Money Box host

"Thomas Cook vouchers would NOT be protected if TC got into difficulties. If you use them to book a package holiday..."



@_IainMartin - Iain Martin - Citywire reporter

"It makes sense to merge Child Trust Funds into Junior ISAs. Sign the petition here"

@money2themasses - ME!

"It does invest in equities so not that exciting a story MT @iancowie: Britain's biggest gold fund could pay dividends:"



@leahmilner  - Leah Milner - Times money reporter

'Repossessions could double if economy worsens, but arrears will rise even in a recovery' warns S&P

@_IainMartin - Iain Martin - Citywire reporter

HMRC launches new team to catch tax evaders hiding money offshore...before letting them go presumably

@ReutersJamie - Jamie McGeever -- Editor at Reuters Insider TV

uk economy could freeze over this winter (ez crisis to blame), hopefully recovering in spring, cbi tells me:

@paullewismoney - Paul Lewis - Radio 4 Money Box host

FTSE 100 in 9th successive day of falls. Unusual. Worst since it fell for 11 straight trading days 13-27 Jan 2003. (Thursday)

@Peston - Robert Peston - Business Editor for the BBC

"A first: Treasury using powers to cut off entire banking sector of a country - Iran in this case - from our banks"



@MartinSLewis - Martin Lewis - MoneySavingExpert

"Everyone stop. Give a mini round of applause to Ovo; an energy firm canceling price hikes as wholesale costs've dropped"

@lisabachelor - Lisa Bachelor - Guardian reporter

 "British Gas promises to simplify bills and tariffs"




@Basilhouse - Jill Insley -  head of the consumer team, which includes Guardian Money

"Surely one way to encourage more people to buy new builds would be to price them correctly?"

@buyingagent  - Tracy Kellett - Buying Agent London & South-East

"@montysblog yes, stamp duty cut/holiday is the answer... Massively holding back transaction levels"



@whichdaley  - James Daley - Money Editor at the consumer group Which?

''Hargreaves Lansdown's new tracker charges will hit small investors hard. Why go for flat fees and not a percentage?''

@money2themasses - ME!

"Double Chargers: Hargreaves Lansdown wants investors AND fund managers to pay >>> if true, oh dear oh dear"