Best of this week’s financial tweets – 2nd December 2011

3 min Read Published: 02 Dec 2011

twitter logo Here is this week's compilation of those tweets worth reading from the best financial tweeters out there, including me of course.

Twitter helps give you an inside fast track into the world of personal finance and the latest developments. I read and interact with hundreds of people via twitter everyday and only bring you those that are worth listening to. (If you want to join my watch list then simply follow me on twitter @money2themasses)

All the following tweets are the respective tweeters personal views and not those of their employers.



@AllisterHeath  - Allister Heath - Editor of City AM

'UK manufacturing shrinks at the fastest rate in two years'




@peston - Robert Peston - BBC Business Editor

'ECB, Fed, Bank of Eng & other central banks try to stop Credit Crunch ll coming to an economy near you'

@Brian_Dennehy - Brian Dennehy - Financial Adviser

'Central banks acting to pre-empt more disappointment on 9th Dec? Markets roar, but El-Erian's fearful #eurocrisis'


@paullewismoney - Paul Lewis - Radio 4 Money Box host

'Six central banks of major economies have just formed a nascent world central bank - good but shows how bad things are'


@bondvigilantes - Bond Vigilantes - Fund managers at M&G

'I like this $ swap central bank intervention. Not because the rate cut saves EZ, but because it shows coordinated action can/will happen.'


@AllisterHeath - Allister Heath - Editor of City AM

'Let's hope that the global central banks that have just intervened aren't implying that the Eurozone crisis is even bigger than we thought.'


@CashQuestions -  Annie Shaw - Financial agony aunt & Daily Express columnist

'Would love to worry about the eurozone. sadly worry time today allocated to Iran, Egypt and Libya *what happened to the end of history?*'



@TheParaplanner  - Richard Allum - Parapalnner

'A real mix of tweets on the #strike hashtag so far. State vs private sector looking like the new divide in UK.'


@hwallop - Retail Editor - Daily Telegraph

Bluewater: customers +7pc on normal Wednesday. Trafford Centre: car park is full. Strikers seem to be shopping


@MerrynSW - Merryn Somerset Webb - Editor in Chief of Moneyweek

'@paullewismoney yes. just been into John Lewis Edinburgh. Totally jammed.'



@martinbamford - Martin Bamford - Media IFA

'Must be time to switch public sector to a net pay system, in recognition they don't really pay income tax & NI? #strike'


@money2themasses - ME!

'One phrase you will never hear me utter.......''it's not fair''. It's the sort of thing my toddler says before she stamps her feet'




@EdConwaySky - Ed Conway -Economics Editor of Sky News

Here, in v simple terms, is the IFS's key point: in 2002 the avg household's disposable income was £22,776. In 2015 it will be £22,516


@JonathanDavisWM - Jonathan Davis - Economist and Wealth Manager

'@paullewismoney: where will it end? @BBCBreakfast The annihilation of the middle classes. #banbankbailouts #hikeratesnow'


@EdConwaySky - Ed Conway -Economics Editor of Sky News

'Squeeze 2 continue for 3 more years. Real disposable income won't improve by a significant margin until 2014. (OBR p42).'



@EdConwaySky - Ed Conway -Economics Editor of Sky News

'IFS calculates impact of autumn statement will be nil 4 poorest 10%, negative 4 next poorest 20%, positive for middle class & wealthiest'


@RuthVJackson - Ruth Jackson - Deputy Editor of Moneywise

'So I'm working an extra year and paying through the nose to buy my first home but its ok because my water bill is going down by £50. Bah!'


@PensionsMonkey - Tom McPhail - Hargreaves Lansdown

'Just been out to lunch, come back to find I have to work another year for state pension. Might have to go on strike'



@pensionscharlie - Charlie Thomas - Pensions Journalist at the FT group

interesting point from FTMoney's Matt Vincent: for HNWs, "Enterprise Investment Schemes now give more tax relief than pensions."


@AllisterHeath - Allister Heath - Editor of City AM

Some grim stuff in the OBR with Brown, best stuff in the report, not the speech



@money2themasses - ME!

'Skipton launches 95% LTV - > great news for those who want to embrace negative equity like an old friend'



@hwallop - Retail Editor - Daily Telegraph

'Treasury docs reveal VAT will be waived on X-Factor Xmas single. We're all saved! #as2011'