Best of this week’s financial tweets from those with the inside track- 9th December 2011

4 min Read Published: 09 Dec 2011

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@simonjacktoday – Simon Jack - presents business and economic news on Today programme on BBC Radio 4

today, looking at S&P's decision to place almost all Eurozone (incl France and Germany) on negative creditwatch - interesting timing..


@TheParaplanner - Richard Allum - Parapalnner

It's Monday so it must be the start of another "5 days to save the Euro". This is getting to feel like a DFS sale.


@money2themasses – ME!

Eurozone crisis is like an unfinished jigsaw, you keep going back to it but in the end you either do it properly or break it up


@ReutersJamie - Jamie McGeever -- Editor at Reuters Insider TV

so given german official comments and flagging efs, it looks like the imf, esm + efsf all lacking bazooka characteristics


@AllisterHeath - Allister Heath - Editor of City AM

Cameron says will veto treaty without safeguards.He can't: Merkozy said they will proceed with just 17 euro states if opposition from others


@tonylevene1 - financial/consumer journalist specialising in scams

Economists wanting breakup of eurozone have no idea how to do it. But then the poor dears are economists, not useful folk




@EdConwaySky - Ed Conway -Economics Editor of Sky News

ECB cuts main interest rate from 1.25% to 1% - equals its all-time low. The Draghi effect kicking in


@money2themasses – ME!

No surprises - Bank of England holds UK interest rates at record low of 0.5% and leaves quantitative easing unchanged





@PhilAldrick – Philip Aldrick - Daily Telegraph Economics Editor

BoE is planning for the looming credit crunch by providing special liquidity facilities. It's getting serious...


@paullewismoney - Paul Lewis - Radio 4 Money Box host

Barratts in administration again ...Probably because the left shoe just didn't know what the right shoe was doing...


@Biz_Hack – Joe McGrath - Financial Journalist and editor of Insolvency Today

Retail is chaos atm. Serious issues to come. Watch between 24th and 26th December - they will fall like dominoes. #Retail #business


@simonnread - Simon Read -personal finance editor at The Independent newspaper

There have been a record number of surveys showing that Brits are cutting back this Christmas. "We haven't got any fresh ideas," PRs said.


@EdConwaySky - Ed Conway -Economics Editor of Sky News

Apparently a white xmas cld prevent UK recession. So what freak weather phenomenon wld it take 2 avert euro disaster?


@martin_greig - BBC Journalist, on BBC Radio 4 covering business & economics

The big taboo? RT @benedictbrogan: David Cameron shouldn't be afraid to ask pensioners to do their bit





@money2themasses – ME!

Supermarkets accused of misleading their customers after investigation into pricing -


@MartinSLewis – Martin Lewis – owner of

Be careful buying gift vouchers this Christmas considering the perilous state of some retailers...




@Mortgage_Mind – Lea Karasavvas – Mortgage Broker

Last of the "sexy" rates have gone. Lenders happy with their lots and then game on in 2012. My money is on Northern Rock to come out flying!


@JonathanDavisWM - Jonathan Davis - Economist and Wealth Manager

Between 1in20 and 1in12 mortgages should be called but are not Just prolongs the inevitable. Banks shld mark to market.


@JohnTheJourno – John Fitzsimons - Acting editor of personal finance website

As many as 10 applicants for rental properties in some areas



First up reaction to HSBC's £10.5m fine for mis-selling to the elderly:

@gompertz - BBC Personal Finance Correspondent

HSBC mis-sells to 83 year-olds: now the bank will accept complaints back to 1991 #care


@paullewismoney - Paul Lewis - Radio 4 Money Box host

HSBC bought NHFA in 2005. Over next 5 yrs missold 2485 v elderly folk £285m of unsuitable bonds - £30m redress, £10.5m fine.


@_IainMartin - Iain Martin - Citywire reporter

FSA & HSBC let rogue adviser NHFA fall through the cracks 4 FSA inspections failed to uncover problems RT @GHLumsden:


@simonnread – Simon Read - personal finance editor at The Independent newspaper

HSBC faces £40m mis-selling bill while Age UK admits making commissions from NHFA… in today's Independent


Then it was Wrap platform TRANSACTS turn when the FSA fined them for breaching client money rules.


@_IainMartin - Iain Martin - Citywire reporter

Transact failed to segregate client money between 2001 and June 2010 triggering £3.5m FSA fine


@IncisivePal – Journalist at Professional Adviser and @IFAOnlineUK

Transact "failed to put in place adequate trust documentation for three of its 28 client bank accounts which also put client money at risk"


On both fines.......


@CashQuestions - Annie Shaw - Financial agony aunt & Daily Express columnist

The mis-selling scandals of the past few years show the bancassurance model is deeply flawed and we'd be better off without it




@KevinCarrC – Kevin Carr – Protection expert

RT @HI_magazine: Childhood cancer forces two thirds of families into debt charity warns - Most CI plans inc child cover




@MasonsFinancial – Dean Mason – Mortgage Broker

RT@_IainMartin: Treasury warns that EU insurance gender pricing case will raise cost of life policies by 15% for women"


The following series of tweets was from a conversations between Radio 4 Money Box presenter Paul Lewis (@paullewismoney) and Hargreaves Lansdown's Tom McPhail (@PensionsMonkey)


  • paullewismoney: Treasury consults on gender free insurance which starts in a year. Good. Back to pooling risk not segmenting it.
  •  PensionsMonkey: it will have the opposite effect; everyone will end up individually underwritten on annuities. standard rates are toast
  •  paullewismoney: you're probably right. Any way to screw customers will be taken with glee by insurers.
  •  PensionsMonkey: if it's any consolation, the #annuity insurers are genuinely scared of this uncertainty, pricing is very difficult



@KevinCarrC - Kevin Carr – Protection expert

A point rarely made on the recent strikes is the level of sick pay - I'm told 6 months on average for public sector, 8wks for private


@money2themasses - ME!

Barclays increases charges on basic accounts –