Best of this week’s financial tweets – from those worth listening to

3 min Read Published: 18 Nov 2011

twitter logo This is the first weekly compilation of those tweets worth reading from the best financial tweeters out there, including me of course.

Twitter helps give you an inside fast track into the world of personal finance and the latest developments. I read and interact with hundreds of people via twitter everyday and only bring you those that are worth listening to. (If you want to join my watch list then simply follow me on twitter @money2themasses)

All the following tweets are the respective tweeters personal views and not those of their employers.




@MasonsFinancial - Dean Mason 2011 Mortgage & Protection specialist

 "@richardmurphyUK: Thinking about a mortgage/remortgage? Talk to someone ASAP,lenders looking to increase rates on Friday"...heard this too.''


@JonathanDavisWM Jonathan Davis - Economist & Wealth Manager

''O M G @bbcnews has just said UK Govt will back lenders on mortgages. DON'T THEY F_____G REALISE THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT BANKRUPTED THE U.S.???''



@JohnTheJourno - John Fitzsimons - Deputy editor of

"Very interesting - an interest-free payday loan has been launched. Have 7 days in which to pay it off before have to start paying interest"


@CashQuestions Annie Shaw - Financial agony aunt & Daily Express columnist

"First there were the 0% credit card peddlers, now the 0% payday loan floggers… Always someone leeching off muppets"



@ReutersJamie  - Jamie McGeever - Editor at Reuters Insider TV

''what's the key to health of world stock markets? not italy or ez, says jim o'neill, but an “ok” united states, soft landing in china''


@RobinBew Robin Bew - Chief Economist & Editorial Director of The Economist Intelligence Unit

"US economy has picked up even as #eurozone heads toward recession. But only a matter of time until EZ drags down US"


@bondvigilantes  - Bond Vigilantes M&G's retail bond team

 "New Italy PM Monti says youth, women biggest wasted resources in Italy. Isn't that what Berlusconi thought too?!"


@johnstepekMW  - John Stepek - editor of MoneyWeek, Britain's best-selling financial magazine.

"Spain is well into "point of no return" territory, having paid just under 7% to borrow over 10 years this morning. Who's next?"



@VBischoff  - Victoria Bischoff - Personal Finance Reporter for Citywire Money

"Breaking news: The average “man-bag” contains items worth £104.80, only £4.28 less than the items in the average lady’s handbag."


@simonnread simon read - personal finance editor at The Independent

"Direct Line says the value of the contents of a 'man-bag' is reaching handbag levels. Hang your heads in shame, lads!"




@money2themasses - Damien Fahy - Me!

"Northern Rock is being sold to Virgin Money for £747m, the government has announced"


@jimconey James Coney - Editor of Money Mail

"It's would be great news to have a new competitor bank on the high street - if only consumers ever bothered to switch accounts...."




@BBCHughPym - Hugh Pym  - Chief Economics Correspondent for the BBC

"Arise Sir Mervyn. He receives his knighthood on day inflationfalls back a bit. But still 5 pc"


@EdConwaySky - Ed Conway -Economics Editor of Sky News

"Overall, inflation report implies bank is readying itself for more quantitative easing. Potentially quite a lot..."


@ money2themasses - Damien Fahy - Me!

"Fall in inflation is good but more reason for Osborne to not use Sept high inf to calc next year's benefit levels - will find out on 29/11"


@elainemooreeeee - Elaine Moore - finance and consumer writer at the FT

 "Inflation might be down, but you still can't get a savings account on the high street that can beat it"






@EdConwaySky - Ed Conway -Economics Editor of Sky News

"Bank of England slashes growth forecast. Growth rate of around 1pc next yr. inflation forecast also cut. Expected to be 1-2pc in 2013"



@money2themasses - ME!

 "Unemployment was 2.62 million in July-September, up 129,000 on the previous 3 months"


@hwallop - Harry Wallop - Retail Editor, Daily Telegraph

"Sign of how bad jobs market is: Royal Mail received 110,000 applications for 18,000 temp Christmas jobs"





 @money2themasses - Me!

"High street banks offer risky investment advice, says Which? - good to see 4 out of 6 IFAs gave good advice though - should be 100% though"



@paullewismoney Paul Lewis - BBC Radio 4 Money Box Presenter

My rule on banks and financial advice - never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, go to a High St bank for financial advice. You will get sales.