Cashback without purchase scheme to launch across UK: What you need to know

4 min Read Published: 06 Dec 2021

Cashback without purchase scheme to launch across UK: What you need to knowShoppers around the UK will be able to get cashback in over 2,000 stores without buying anything before the end of the year, as cash network provider LINK launches its new ‘cashback without purchase’ scheme.

The move follows a successful 12-month pilot in locations including Burslem (Staffordshire), Hay-on-Wye (Powys), Cambuslang (South Lanarkshire) and Denny (Stirlingshire).

What is cashback without purchase?

LINK’s cashback without purchase scheme will allow customers to check their bank account balances and receive cashback of anywhere between 1p and £50 at the till without needing to make a purchase. Unlike an ATM, you will not be restricted to withdrawing notes, as the scheme allows you to take out coins as well. For example, if you want to get £21.50 cashback, you will be able to receive that exact amount - as long as the till can accommodate it. Cash withdrawals will be available via Chip and PIN, contactless, Google Pay and Apple Pay. It will only work with UK debit cards.

How much will it cost to use cashback without purchase?

LINK does not charge customers to use cashback without purchase. Individual stores may apply a charge to withdraw cash at the till, however, any additional fees will be clearly advertised and there will be the option to cancel the transaction at this point.

Where will you be able to get cashback without purchase?

Cashback without purchase will be available at over 2,000 shops around the UK. The scheme will initially be available in those which already use Paypoint as their payment service provider - most of which are convenience stores such as Londis, NISA and SPAR - though LINK has said that it hopes its other partners will soon offer the service. It is expected that cashback without purchase will become available in larger stores and supermarkets once more payment providers adopt the service.

When will cashback without purchase be available?

The cashback without purchase scheme is already available in around 1,000 shops, but this figure is expected to double before the New Year as LINK ramps up the programme. The exact launch date differs at individual stores so you will have to check with your local to find out precisely when you will be able to use it.

How to find your nearest cashback without purchase store

You can find the nearest shop to you which offers cashback without purchase by using LINK’s Cash Locator. Simply type in your town or postcode to see a map of the closest locations (see image below). The green icons are free-to-use ATMs, the purple icons are ATMs which charge a fee to use, and the orange icons (marked ‘CT’) are locations where cashback without purchase is available.

LINK Cash Locator

If you cannot find any of the orange icons, make sure that you have the ‘cashback at the till’ box ticked in the ‘Search Filters’ section (see image below), as otherwise they will not show on the map.

LINK Cash Locator 2

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