Financial knowledge is lacking, a survey suggests

2 min Read Published: 09 Feb 2011

 Two-thirds of those asked in a UK survey found financial matters too confusing to make the best choices with their money, reports the BBC.

The problem

According to a survey of 3,000 people, carried out by Learndirect, the public’s financial knowledge is worryingly lacking.  

Of those questioned 80% were unsure which benefits and allowances they were entitled to while others struggled to get value for money or understand small print. Meanwhile, over 25% said they struggled to work out how to shop around for the best energy prices.

The Learndirect survey was conducted to coincide with the launch of a free guide outlining ways to budget, spend wisely, choose products and look for a job.

The worst possible timing

This survey result comes at a time when household budgets are being stretched due to the economic downturn. To make matters worse more and more people are requiring advice on dealing with their debts at a time when governmental cuts have led to advice centres facing closure.

Couple this with the recent announcement that Barclays plans to stop offering financial advice at their branches there is a worrying trend of ‘leaving the public to fend for themselves’ when it comes to making financial decisions. At a time when people need the most help with their finances there are fewer and fewer places for them to turn to.

Money to the Masses is here to help

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Oh, and if you were one of those questioned who does not know how to find the best utility prices

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