Happy 3rd Birthday MoneytotheMasses

2 min Read Published: 07 Feb 2013


Happy Birthday
3 Today!

What a week to mark the 3rd anniversary of MoneytotheMasses.com! At the weekend I appeared on BBC Raido 4's Money Box and on Tuesday I was invited for a TV casting.

The last 3 years have gone so quickly and I often don't get the chance to reflect on everything that has happened since that day in February 2010 when I was in a Leadenhall Market coffee shop and decided to create MoneytotheMasses.com. Since that day the site has helped over a quarter of a million people fix their finances whilst my articles have been read over half a million times!

Whilst the ethos of what I am doing has remained unchanged the site itself is unrecognisable. I first started out with a single page blog with one or two visits a day. By August 2010 my ambitions had outgrown my simple blog and a full featured website was launched (thanks to help from my brother) with easier access to the library of articles I was starting to build up.

However in the last 3 years the way in which people access information online has continued to evolve with the increasing use of smartphones and tablets. So in January of this year the latest site was launched to ensure that people could still get free access to advice and financial insight regardless of the device they were using to access MoneytotheMasses.com

The last year has continued to see a steady increase in my Facebook and Twitter followers in addition to the ever increasing number of people signing up to my newsletter.

The next year promises to be very exciting as I continue to push MoneytotheMasses.com forward. I am in the midst of writing the first MoneytotheMasses.com eBook which I hope to have published in the coming months. I hope to grow the number of contributors on the site to allow other like minded financial experts help my readers. I have plans to produce a series of short online shows to add to my Youtube channel and hopefully the first month of 2013 is a sign of more media coverage to come.

The next year promises to be both exciting and exhausting!

One thing that has not changed in the last 3 years are the questions I am often asked by some of my peers in the finance world. "why do you do it?", "who pays for and runs the site?" and "do you make a living out of it?"

The answer to those questions is always the same "I believe that I can make a difference by giving people access to expert financial knowledge for free", "I pay for the site out of my own pocket and I run it myself with some help from some equally enthusiastic relatives" and "I don't make a living out of it. I have a day job and run the site in my spare time".

I hope you continue to enjoy MoneytotheMasses.com and I would love to hear your feedback whether good or bad.

Best Wishes



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