‘Alarming increase in current-address ID fraud’… and my tip on how to avoid becoming a victim

1 min read Published: 09 Apr 2010

 According to consumer magazine Which?, ''Cifas, the UK’s fraud prevention service, has announced that 2009 saw an ‘alarming increase’ in current-address fraud.

Current-address fraud is a type of ID crime that requires a superior level of sophistication from the perpetrator. It involves obtaining accurate personal information about a victim and impersonating them using details of their current, rather than a previous, address.

Current-address fraud makes false applications for credit seem more legitimate, and can help to make it much more difficult for businesses to detect identity crime.''

The full story can be found here.

The reason I have picked this as today's Headline of the Day is that it highlights why you must remain vigilant when it comes to protecting your personal details. Failure to do so could be costly and emphasises the importance of my Money tip #8 – Buy a shredder post (click on the heading to be taken to the article.)

Keep 'em peeled.