Pound under pressure as opinion polls narrow

1 min read Published: 02 Mar 2010

Today’s Headline of the Day centres on Sterling’s continued weakness as a result of the UK’s debt mountain combined with the increased the likelihood of a hung parliament following the upcoming general election

‘’The prospect of a hung parliament is raising concerns of a delay in tackling Britain’s record budget deficit’ according to the Bank of New York. The result is that Sterling has weakened against every major currency, but, even more alarmingly it hast even fallen against the Zimbabwean dollar!

Today’s Headline of the Day illustrates:

  • The inter-relationship between politics and the economy
  • How important your vote is
  • That in-action can be just as big a problem when you are faced with a mountain of debt, both on a personal level and on a national level.

Oh, and if you think that this story still doesn’t impact on you personally – a weak pound will mean your holiday in the sun will cost more and increase the likelihood of inflation rearing its head. And if inflation gets bad enough that could lead to increased interest rates and yes….you’ve guessed it…an increase in your monthly mortgage payments.