Join the ‘Big Switch’ to cut your energy bills

1 min read Published: 10 Feb 2012

 Which? have teamed with a consumer group, 38 degrees,  to launch a The Big Switch - which they say is 'a new way of buying energy'

What is the Big Switch?

The aim is to use people power to secure a better energy deal for those who sign up. Let's say you, as an individual, demanded a better deal from your energy supplier they probably wouldn't listen. But if you and 50,000 people asked the same question together they would sit up and take note as that's a lot of business going begging.

So Which? plan to get as many people to sign up to the Big Switch plan and then invite energy companies to submit a market leading deal.

Quite simply, the more people that sign up the better their bargaining power.

Is there a catch?

No. Once they've secured a deal, they'll notify those that signed up of the outcome either via email or text message and let them choose whether or not to accept it. There's no commitment or obligation to sign-up to the new deal, so if people decide to stay with their existing tariff, they can.

How do I sign up?

By visiting the Big Switch website before 31st March 2012. At the moment they have 50,000 people already signed up but it's a case of the more the merrier so tell your friends and family about it.

Power to the People!!