MTTM podcast meet up 2022

1 min read Published: 21 Nov 2022

By popular demand we are going to be holding a MTTM podcast meet up in central London in December. It's been three years since our last meet up, thanks to the pandemic. We agree, it's time for the Money to the Masses team and podcast listeners to have an informal meet up and drinks. Full details are given below and we will continue to update this page as we get closer to the event.

Meet up details

When: Thursday 8th December 2022 from 6.30pm

Who will be there: Damien, Andy, the rest of MTTM team and YOU!

Where: The Crosse Keys pub opposite Leadenhall Market. This has also been the location of our previous podcast meet ups.

Why have we chosen a pub near Leadenhall Market?

Leadenhall Market is the birth place of Money to the Masses. On 4th February 2010 the idea for Money to the Masses was borne out of a coffee between Justin and me. There are numerous pubs and bars in Leadenhall Market and the whole area is also covered by a roof, with plenty space for outdoor drinking (without having to worry about getting wet). We will meet in the newly reopened Crosse Keys pub across the road from Leadenhall Market, which also happens to be the location of our past podcast meet ups. Also make sure you follow our social channels for updates, especially on the night - Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.