My new FREE weekly email course that will fix your finances in just 6 emails

1 min read Published: 06 Jan 2012

man on computer Today I launch my FREE email Money to the Masses course "Fix your Finances in 6 weeks".

Over the FREE 6 week course subscribers will receive one email a week containing a new stage in the course so that by the final week you should be in control of your finances.

By the end of the course you we will have:

  •  taken control of your spending
  • built a budget plan which is easy to stick to
  • cut your bills
  • be on course to being debt free
  • reviewed your mortgage, savings and insurance polices
  • learnt about investing
  • reviewed your retirement planning
What will happen when you sign up


When you sign up to the course (by clicking HERE) you will (after confirming your subscription) receive the 1st email from the course.


Then exactly a week after the day you signed up you will receive the 2nd installment. And so on and so until you have received all 6 emails when the course will stop.


So enjoy and please share this with anyone who you think might find this course useful.


Good luck and please send and all feedback welcome.



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