OFGEM to investigate Scottish Power

1 min read Published: 22 Jun 2011

Today the energy industry watchdog OFGEM announced it is launching an inquiry into a 'potentially misleading' offer promoted by Scottish Power.

Last month Scottish Power launched its 'Direct October 2012' tariff claiming it would save customers £459. It also said that prices would remain a minimum of 1% per year below its standard monthly direct debit prices until 30th September 2012. The energy company made this announcement at the same time as it raised its gas prices by 19% from August. However, OFGEM say that these claims could have been potentially misleading and as a result is investigating.

This is a further blow to Scottish Power as this is the third investigation being conducted into the company's business practices.

In March, OFGEM also announced a number of reforms that it wants to see implemented by energy providers by next year.

At last OFGEM seems to be flexing its muscles and getting tough with the energy companies, so let's hope it actually lands a punch.

Image: Simon Howden / FreeDigitalPhotos.net