reaches 1 million UK consumers

1 min Read Published: 04 Oct 2015

Damien FahyMTTM reaches 1 million UK consumers!

This week saw (MTTM) pass a huge milestone. MTTM has now helped over 1 million UK consumers!

That is an incredible achievement for a site which started life as a humble blog five years ago. While the look and feel of the site may have changed over that time its mission hasn't. MTTM still helps people with their personal finances, covering everything from the basics of money saving through to more complex topics such as investing.

The information is written by me and a few select finance experts. The aim has always been to deliver the best and most insightful content containing the sort of advice you'd usually have to pay for elsewhere.

We continually try and push the boundaries of the world of finance with innovative ideas such as 80-20 Investor and the MTTM podcast. By the way we've got more new ideas planned for the coming months so keep an eye out!

Yet the reason we have been able to help a million people is because of your support. We don't have a big marketing budget. In fact we barely do any marketing at all, instead relying on word of mouth to drive our growth.

That's why I want to thank you all for your part in making MTTM what it is today. Our aim is to become the number one personal finance site in the UK and with your help I know we will get there.

Many of you often ask me what you can do to help. So here are 3 things you could do to support MTTM:

  • Tell at least one person this week about
  • Subscribe to our podcast
  • Tell at least one person about our FREE DIY investing email course

(You could achieve numbers 1 and 3 by simply sharing this page with a friend)

This time next year Rodney!

Best Wishes,