MTTM Podcast Episode 221 – Sites to use to avoid a house buying disaster & The pension tax trap

1 min read Published: 05 May 2019

Episode 221 - On this week's show we talk about the best websites to use before committing to a house purchase. The websites we highlight allow you to check everything from local crime rate to your potential broadband speed. Even if you are not planning a house move, they can make for interesting reading as you can find out what is happening in your local area. We've provided links to the websites we discuss below.

We also discuss the pension tax trap where hundreds of thousands of people could be owed tax thanks to HMRC over-taxing people's pension withdrawals.

Police Crime Map - Check local crime figures

Property Log - Check property prices

Locrating - Compare best schools

Extrium - Noise viewer

Flood Check - Check the flood risk

Planning portal - Find your local authority building control team

Next Door Scheme - Neighbourhood watch scheme

Ofcom Broadband speed check - Check broadband and mobile speed

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