MTTM Podcast Episode 275 – Using Candlestick charts, pension transfer advice checker & pocket money apps

1 min Read Published: 14 Jun 2020

Episode 275 - On this week's show I discuss the usefulness of Candlestick chart analysis when investing. I reveal the FCA's final salary transfer advice checker which can help you determine whether you received poor advice and have grounds for complaint. We also discuss the best pocket money apps.

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Understanding candlesticks charts

The anatomy of a candlestick - source CMC markets, click the link to read more about candlesticks

Candlestick basics

Candlestick patterns

Here is a summary chart created by the cryptochannel which shows some of the bullish and bearish patterns when candlesticks are viewed in groups. Click to enlarge.

Live daily candlestick chart on the S&P 500

This link takes you to a 6-month chart of the daily candlesticks for the S&P 500. Note the island reversal around June 11th 2020. This chart is a free resource and updates continually.

For posterity here is a static chart of the current market with the island reversal on the right.

The lazy way to use candlestick analysis

This site highlights completed and unfolding candlestick patterns.

Book recommendation

Good book with full explanation of using Candlestick charts

Pension transfer advice checker

The official FCA defined benefit pension transfer advice checker