MTTM Podcast Episode 453 – Tax year end checklist, courtesy car sham & loan mis-selling

1 min Read Published: 24 Mar 2024

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On this week's show, we delve into how you could unexpectedly face thousands of pounds in charges for a 'courtesy' car provided by your car insurance following a claim—even if it is included as a free benefit in your policy. We also discuss the increasing complaints about loans that have been mis-sold, explaining what constitutes a mis-sold loan and how you can file a complaint (and potentially claim compensation) without the need for a claims management company. Finally, we share our essential end-of-tax-year checklist.

Message from Damien & Andy

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Episode Quiz

Here are five multiple-choice questions to test yourself after listening to this week's episode.


1 ) How much is the current annual pension contribution allowance?
a) £40,000
b) £50,000
c) £60,000
d) £70,000

2) Following an accident that’s not your fault, who’s ultimately liable for the cost of a ‘free courtesy’ car under a credit hire agreement?
a) Your insurance company
b) Their insurance company
c) Both insurance companies
d) You

3) What is the new capital gains tax allowance for 2024/25?

a) £1,000
b) £2,000
c) £3,000
d) £4,000

4) What is the most that can be contributed to a junior SIPP each year and get tax relief?

a) £2,080
b) £2,880
c) £3,680
d) £4,480

5) How much is the annual gift allowance for inheritance tax purposes?

a) £1,000
b) £2,000
c) £3,000
d) £5,000


  • Answer 1: c) £60,000
  • Answer 2: d) You
  • Answer 3: c) £3,000
  • Answer 4: b) £2,880
  • Answer 5: c) £3,000


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