MTTM Podcast Episode 459 – Share buybacks explained, alternative ways to help children financially & understanding energy bill cycles

1 min Read Published: 12 May 2024

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In this week's podcast I discuss share buybacks explaining what they are and the impact they can have on investors. their impact on investors. I then look at various ways parents and grandparents can help younger family members financially, without impacting their wealth or lifestyle. Finally, we explain how energy bill balances fluctuate throughout the year based on the billing start date and why May is a key month in that cycle.

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Podcast Quiz Questions

Here are five multiple-choice questions to test yourself after listening to this week's episode.

  1. What is one aim of a share buyback?
    • A) To reduce the number of available shares
    • B) To reduce the company's debt
    • C) To diversify the company’s investments
    • D) To change the company's management
  2. What effect does a share buyback have on the earnings per share?
    • A) Decreases it
    • B) Eliminates it
    • C) Does not affect it
    • D) Increases it
  3. In what month does the balance on your energy account hit its lowest?
    • A) January
    • B) April
    • C) May
    • D) September
  4. What impact does the start date of your energy contract have on your energy bills?
    • A) No impact
    • B) Affects potential credit or deficit levels
    • C) Changes the energy rates
    • D) Alters service quality
  5. A deed of variation can change a will after death if it is executed within:
    • A) 1 month
    • B) 6 months
    • C) 1 year
    • D) 2 years

Correct Answers

  1. A) To reduce the number of available shares
  2. D) Increases it
  3. C) May
  4. B) Affects potential credit or deficit levels
  5. D) 2 years


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