TalkTalk raises its line rental charges

1 min read Published: 02 Sep 2011

Today TalkTalk announced a 9.5% rise in line rental charges. This follows on the heels of BT's announcement of a 5% rise in their line rental charges. The increase will come into effect on 1st October.

The TalkTalk increase means that their monthly line rental charge will rise by £1.20 to £13.80, however this can be reduced to the monthly equivalent of £9.50 for broadband customers who are prepared to pay annually upfront.

TalkTalk's line rental is still  80p less than BT's monthly charge and 10p a month less than Virgin, but more expensive than Plusnet at £11.99 a month and Sky at £12.25 per month.

About 4 million TalkTalk customers will be affected by the rise.