Top 10 cheapest holiday destinations for 2013

1 min read Published: 22 Jan 2013


Making your holiday money go further

New research has been published into the cost of holidaying in over 40 destinations around the world, producing a list of the best and worst places for value for money. The research looked at the price of eight popular tourist items including dinner for two, light refreshments and suncream before producing shortlists of the most expensive and cheapest holiday destinations.

Top 10 value for money destinations

1= Spain

1=Sri Lanka

3 Czech Republic

4 Bali

5 Vietnam

6 Bulgaria

7 Portugal

8 Mexico

9 Hungary

10 Turkey


Top 10 most expensive holiday destinations

1 South Korea

2 Australia

3 New Zealand

4 China

5 Canada

6 Dubai

7 Mauritius

8 Singapore

9 Jamaica

10 St Lucia

The above was taken from the Post Office Holiday Money Report 2013

(image by shazwan - flickr)