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1 min Read Published: 20 Oct 2010
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 Trying to pick an investment fund to invest in can be a mind boggling exercise. Even for those of us who work in the industry it is at best a time consuming task.

Citywire, an industry publication, have helpfully produced Citywire Selection which is a short list from over a thousand investments which they consider the best.

How do they do it?

‘’Drawing on [their] Citywire Fund Manager Rating heritage, [they] started from a quant base, looking for funds that could demonstrate consistent outperformance with regard to the risks their managers took to get there.

Different vehicles, of course, require different methods of scrutiny; absolute return funds delight investors with low volatility and limited downside, so that is what [they] look for. As for ETFs, it is price, liquidity and counterparty risk that really count.’’

The funds/investments are picked in isolation and not as a balanced portfolio. Just because Citywire like the fund does not necessarily mean it is right for you. But what their list does to give a guided selection of those they consider worth looking into.

 So below I have listed their top 20 star fund picks along with their relevant sectors.


Citywire’s Top 20 fund picks

Gartmore UK Absolute Return Absolute Return
Ruffer Investment Company Absolute Return
Standard Life Investment GARS Absolute Return
First State Asia Pacific Leaders Asia Pacific
GLG Japan CoreAlpha Asia Pacific
Investec Emerging Market Debt Bonds
M&G Optimal Income Bonds
Old Mutual Global Strategic Bond Bonds
ETFS Physical Gold Commodities
Cazenove European European Equities
Aberdeen Emerging Markets Global Emerging
Aberdeen World Equity Global Equities
M&G Global Basics Global Equities
Newton Global Higher Income Income
Invesco Perpetual High Income Income
Jupiter Merlin Balanced Growth Managed
Neptune US Opportunities North America
Henderson Global Technology Specialist Equities
JOCHIM UK Opportunities UK Equities
M&G Recovery UK Equities

(Source Citywire)