Tottenham Hotspur hit the jackpot – so how much could they potentially earn from the Champions League?

1 min read Published: 06 May 2010

 Tottenham Hotspur took a giant step towards joining Europe's footballing elite last night by qualifying for the Champions League play-offs. While few could argue that it wasn't deserved much of the discussion centres around how much money they could potentially earn from European football's showcase competition. So how much could they earn?

 According to The Independent Spurs can look forward to the following potential earnings:

  • £3.1m Value of playing in the qualifying play-off alone, through prize-money. (£1.8m), gate receipts (£950k) and sponsorship bonuses (£350k).
  •  £3.3m Money received for reaching group stage where a club should then earn around £20m.
  •  £1.2m Total prize-money for winning each game in the group stage. Reduced to £819k for draw and £474k for defeat.
  •  £26.9m Total prize-money available for winning the Champions League and all games up to the final.
  •  £70m Club's total revenue for winning Champions League, including TV income.
  •  £15,000 Estimated bonus for each regular player in the Tottenham squad.
  •  £500,000 Figure Harry Redknapp will receive for reaching Champions League.

It's no wonder N17 is celebrating.