Weekly news roundup – 12th November 2010

1 min Read Published: 12 Nov 2010
healingdream / FreeDigitalPhotos.net
healingdream / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

The weekly roundup of the headlines most affecting your personal finances. Click on a headline to read the full story.

Yorkshire and Clydesdale errors could be written off

Biggest drop in Britain's wealth for 60 years

Worst recession on record eliminated jobs and curbed spending, the Office for National Statistics said.

Care home fees up by 20pc in four years

As long-term care becomes more unaffordable, we explain how to navigate the system.

Inflation 'is higher for elderly

The cost of living rises faster for older people than the typical household in the UK, a study concludes.

Repossessions fall for fourth consecutive quarter

Research show there were 8,900 repossessions in the third quarter, a 27% fall on the same period last year, but it warns this could easily reverse.

Millions of Britons living beyond their means

Almost seven million Britons are living beyond their means and refuse to alter their lifestyle despite the recession, according to latest research.

Gas prices to remain depressed for another decade

The world may be awash with natural gas until 2020 and prices are likely to remain depressed for the whole decade, according to the International Energy Agency.

Brokers split as Which? launches mortgage advice service

Which? has denied a new mortgage advice service is a rejection of the current advice market, as brokers gave a mixed response to the launch.

Is gold a bubble waiting to burst?

A BUBBLE IN GOLD? Paul Duncombe, head of Schroders’ multi-asset investment solutions, asks if gold is heading into bubble territory as prices reach record highs.

UK's total debt forecast to hit £10 trillion by 2015

Accountancy firm PwC warns of rising debt and slow growth for decades as interest rates eventually rise.

Decline in house prices gathers pace

The downturn in the housing market accelerated last month with an increasing number of real-estate professionals reporting falling prices.

Govt body lists UK's 1,000 tax reliefs in first step towards cuts