3 quick links: Everything you need to know about inflation, interest rates and how they affect you

1 min read Published: 21 Apr 2010

Given the ongoing concerns about inflation/interest rates, today’s 3 quick links help to shed a bit more light on the issue and how it affects you (ok there are four links but I was feeling generous).

  • Link 1 – you often hear that the Bank of England (BOE) will raise interest rates in order to curb inflation, but why? This link helps explain this principle in simple terms. (note: the article refers to the Fed, which is the US’ equivalent of our BOE).
  • Link 2 - So now you know how interest rates and inflation work, this page keeps you abreast of the latest interest rate predictions from industry experts.
  • Link 3 – So you’ve now got a handle on when rates are likely to rise, this handy calculator will work out the impact on your monthly mortgage payments
  • Link 4 – The inflation figures you read about in the paper are general inflation measures. The actual level of inflation you personally fell depends on how you spend your money. (if you spend a lot on petrol your personal level of inflation has rocketed lately). This link takes you to a handy calculator which works out your personal rate of inflation.